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Artesania-latina HMS Bounty Kit Deck Camber


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I am new to this forum and I am working on my first two kits, Fair American and the HMS Bounty from Artesania-latina.  The build logs on this website are all very helpful and I am looking forward to my retirement and building many models.  Thanks to all of you who post their logs as they have been extremely helpful in shortening my learning curve.  I am however curious.  "Anatomy of a ship", (the Bounty),  indicates that the top two decks were cambered and yet the second deck in the kit is not but no one has addressed this.  Am I being too "anal"?  As per the anatomy drawings I am going to attempt to construct the second deck with a camber unless someone can tell me that it was not cambered.  I really enjoy this forum!    

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This is not the only Artesania kit where the lateral deck camber has been omitted, I'm afraid.  Suppose they do so because their plywood (?) false deck would be difficult to bend in both directions.  I suppose that the upper deck definitely should be cambered, but the lower deck could stay flat, except if you are building the model with the open side.


Anatomy of the ship is a generally most reliable source, I think.


Happy modelling



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