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IJN Amatsukaze by Dan Vadas - FINISHED - Halinski - WW2 Japanese Destroyer - 1:200 scale - CARD and Brass

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Thanks guys :) ,


I've been really crook the last week or so - the worst case of Flu I've ever had the misfortune of having :(. Fortunately the symptoms are on the way out, and I can continue building. Only the runny eyes are a bit of a handicap, but hopefully they'll clear up shortly :).


I've managed to finish the three Gun Turrets, despite my woes. The instructions were rather vague about how the turret Pivots went together, and I'm not sure if they are meant to actually pivot or not, but I worked out a way of doing so. Here's the diagram - I've fitted part 100b BETWEEN 100d and 100e :

Turret Pivots (2).JPG


And here are the parts cut out for one pivot. I've already glued on the edging bands to the two larger discs :

Turret Pivots (1).JPG


The main "working" parts of the pivot. The disc 100b needed a lot of dry-fitting before establishing how far "up" the axle 100a it needed to go to get the right clearances :

Turret Pivots (3).JPG

Turret Pivots (4).JPG


Top and bottom views of the assembly fitted together. Discs 100d and 100e are glued together. Care had to be taken not to get any glue on 100b/100a :

Turret Pivots (5).JPG

Turret Pivots (6).JPG


The pivot glued to the base of the turret, along with four gussets. Not shown in the pics is a small stub of 1.0mm brass wire in the centre of the pivot. This will locate into a corresponding hole in the deck to make later fitting much easier and more accurate :

Turret Pivots (8).JPG

Turret Pivots (7).JPG


The last of the wire work on the turrets is what I assume to be a small antenna :

Turret Antenna.JPG


And finally I've fitted the gun barrels. Note the working barrel elevators :

Barrels (1).JPG

Barrels (2).JPG


:cheers:  Danny

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guess it doesn't matter what the definition of 'DNA' gets on the parts.......we all seem to leave our 'Dinty Moore' somewhere or another ;):D   glad to hear it wasn't anything serious Danny.   do the barrels move up and down?   always hated it with plastic modeling.....darn things usually ended up loose.   I'm sure paper would tend to offer some sort of resistance.   they look really good....wonderful job on them!

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Thanks all for the kind comments :).

On 25/08/2017 at 1:03 AM, popeye the sailor said:

do the barrels move up and down?

Yes indeed popeye, they will also swivel. Both "directions" seem to work very well indeed :).


Moving along to one of the last major sub-assemblies - the Torpedo Tubes. These are made in a similar fashion to the gun turrets, except for the tubes themselves. The pics should be fairly self-explanatory. I used my new large hole punch to make the 3.4mm holes for the tubes in the turrets :


Torpedo Tubes (6).JPG

Torpedo Tubes (5).JPG

Torpedo Tubes (4).JPG

Torpedo Tubes (3).JPG


I tried two "methods" of doing the railings, one using 0.2mm hard brass rod for the rails, the other using the same size in soft wire. The soft wire was far easier, and there was very little difference in the outcome :

Torpedo Tubes (2).JPG

Torpedo Tubes (1).JPG


:cheers:  Danny

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1 hour ago, BANYAN said:

Do you finish these card models off with a coat of lacquer?

Thanks Pat. Yes, two or three coats of Testor's Dullcote usually does the trick as a finish. I also give the card two coats of Mohawk Nitrocellulose Lacquer before I start cutting anything.


:cheers:  Danny

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Apart from painting the rails the Torpedoes and their Turrets are finished.


The torpedoes are rolled as a solid tube so the ends can be rounded. To make it easier to sand the round end I used a French Curve to cut the warhead end :

Torpedos (1).JPG

Torpedos (2).JPG

Torpedos (3).JPG

Torpedos (4).JPG


The tail ends are a cone. I bought a Forming Tool from RP Toolz which did the job very well :

Torpedos (6).JPG

Torpedos (7).JPG


I dipped the warhead ends in CA to stiffen the paper, and then filled and sanded them to shape :

Torpedos (9).JPG


Although they can't be seen I fitted the fins to the torpedoes. This made them easier to slide into the tubes :

Torpedos (8).JPG


The Air Pipes are made from 0.5mm tubing and 0.3mm wire :

Torpedo Tubes (9).JPG


The finished Turrets ready for final painting. The Swivel Mounts were made in similar fashion to those on the Gun Turrets :

Torpedo Tubes (8).JPG

Torpedo Tubes (7).JPG


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks John, Clare and Popeye.


The Torpedo Turrets are painted and finished :

Torpedo Tubes.JPG


There are two Ships Boats. These proved a little difficult to make, and I'm not 100% happy with them, but they'll have to do. Apart from one picture of a finished boat there were no instructions at all.


I started by gluing the bow together, then adding the forward platform :

Boats (1).JPG


Next I glued the keel together, and also added the transom :

Boats (2).JPG


The flooring pushed the skins out to the correct shape :

Boats (3).JPG


Then I glued the last of the cuts in the skins together, glued in the aft platform and thwarts, and finished by attaching the keel/rudder unit and the storage chocks :

Boats (5).JPG


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks for the kind words Carl, Bob and Jan :).


The two Motor Launches were a little easier to make, mostly because they have "steel" hulls instead of "clinker" ones and could be touched-up. The design was also a bit easier to work with. Here's a series of pics that follow the construction :

Motor Launches.JPG

Motor Launches (7).JPG

Motor Launches (6).JPG

Motor Launches (5).JPG

Motor Launches (4).JPG

Motor Launches (3).JPG

Motor Launches (2).JPG


The launches completed :

Motor Launches (1).JPG


I've also made the Depth Charge Launcher. This had a few rather small pieces, the largest tubes (the depth charges) are only 1.6mm diameter :) :

Depth Charge Launcher.JPG


:cheers:  Danny

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