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USS Oakland by CDW - Modelik - 1:200 - Card

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Watching the beautiful work of others on this forum, decided to try and build my first card model. Searching Ebay, found a seller in Germany whose models were reasonably priced and the shipping charge quite fair as well. This particular model cost me $29 USD, plus $5.59 USD for shipping. It arrived quickly (about 1 week from ordering).

Some have asked me to post a review of the model, but I don't know enough about card models to give a fair review at this point. So I'd rather just share some photos and give a basic description of what I received, then let you be the judge of it.

The model came with laser cut frames that are cut from what appears to be 2mm chipboard. There are four chipboard sheets in total, measuring approximately 12 inches by 17 inches.

The booklet measures the same dimensions and contains nine pages of instructions and reference drawings. The color ship parts are printed on eight sheets of heavy card (less than 1mm, probably .5 mm or less).

Following are some photos of what it all looks like. A lot of little parts to cut out, that's for sure. Don't know exactly when I'll start construction on the model as I have two unfinished projects I want to complete first. Maybe another month or so.

DSCN1027 edited.jpg

DSCN1028 edited.jpg

DSCN1029 edited.jpg

DSCN1030 edited.jpg

DSCN1031 edited.jpg

DSCN1032 edited.jpg

DSCN1033 edited.jpg

DSCN1034 edited.jpg

DSCN1035 edited.jpg

DSCN1036 edited.jpg

DSCN1037 edited.jpg

DSCN1038 edited.jpg

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