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Royal Navy Ensigns 1750-1825

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When ships of the Royal Navy were not part of a large squadron under the command of an admiral, vice-admiral or commodore, did they also fly a red ensign. I am thinking in terms of frigate, sloops, & brigs which had duties other than fleet actions. How does one know?


Also let me know if this is posted in the wrong forum


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I believe (but of course can't find a reference) that the red ensign would have been flown by any ships operating directly under Admiralty orders.  That would not be typical, as most ships would be under the command of a flag officer even if they are operating "independently" from the main body of a fleet, and hence adopt the red, white or blue squadron designation of the commanding admiral.


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In the shipyard:

HMS Jason (c.1794: Artois Class 38 gun frigate)

Queen Anne Royal Barge (c.1700)


HMS Snake (c.1797: Cruizer Class, ship rigged sloop)

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