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How did you spend your fist summer as a came of age Teenager?


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Sister gave me some photos I did not know existed, they are dated

the summer of 1956 when I was 13.

Anyone else have some early photos, like to see them and the story that goes with them.


1.   Me pulling the combine from a John Deer Model "R".

2.   Me on the tractor, we stopped to unload because Mom was driving the truck.

3.   Me and my Cayuse Mare, 'Sandy'.

4.   First Cannon, made it from an old hitch found in the iron pile, a pillow block from the same source, Arranged so a roll of caps could be placed in the pillow block inside              the  barrel, and a carriage bolt let in thru the holes I  drilled so it could rest on the caps, a hammer blow would get a good bang and some smoke.





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"This is the area that many wanted, and perhaps didn't even know it. If your topic is nothing to do with the world of ships or ship modelling, then here is the place to post it. General chat, Birthday announces, non-ship models, etc. "


Also, if you missed it, I did insert my first,' Naval Gun', thought some might enjoy seeing I was a gun nut, even as a kid. You can just skip over Shore Leave if it bothers you, that is it's reason for being here and expected of those who find it offensive.


jud  :pirate41:

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The summer of 1959 found me aboard the M/V MODESTO II as a cabin boy and general "go-for". I would start the day wiping down the main cabin windshields, peel spuds if needed in the galley and then proceed to the engine room to wipe up any moisture or "bilge puddles".wipe down the main engines which were big Allis Chalmers 6 cylinder type. While underway I would run the helm as the owners would be below napping or playing cards. We would spend a week or two moored fore and aft in Forth of July Cove,Catalina Island, then head for San Diego and ultimately to Mexico. We would spend a few days in a cove at Toda Santos Island which was seventeen miles off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico. On one trip there we were anchored next to John Wayne and the "GALLOPING GOOSE".  I was aboard the MODESTO II for a couple of summers and even though we cruised the Pacific coast, taking care of what had to be done......constantly, began to "ware me timbers" There was constant painting and varnishing, scrapping and sanding, taking "guests" to play bridge in the launch, to other yachts at anchor and try to stow their suit cases in areas that were never designed for "land lubber equipment"  I wore a uniform similar to a boy scout uniform with Bermuda shorts and knee socks, complete with black tie and was summoned more than once as "hey boy". I did learn a lot from the owner who was a sea goin type as he had owned big yachts all of his life, knew how to navigate and run his craft. If you ever saw the TV commercial for Scope mouth wash in the early 60's era of the girl diving off the transom of a big yacht into the water  in Marina Del Rey harbor, Los Angeles......that was filmed aboard the M/V MODESTO II. I left for the navy the end of that summer.........1961

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On 6/23/2017 at 1:24 PM, David Rice said:

1965 Lusting after the neighbor girl......................it turned out to be a big waste of time, energy, and money.  Should have gone fishing.

Sounds familiar.... LOL.....bin dare dun dat......if only we could turn back time and have do overs.

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