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Mystery Model - Question for Moderators

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I have a question for the moderators. In 1975 when I was 23 years old, someone gave me a model ship kit which I built and still have. I did a pretty lousy job of building it, as I had no idea of what I was doing and it's currently in poor condition. I have scoured the internet trying to discover what model it is. I cannot find anything that appears even similar. My question is this, can I post a picture of it on this forum to see if anyone recognizes it? My concern is that I don't know whether it's a Chinese knock-off or not and I don't want to cause any trouble by posting it if it turns out it is. But now that I'm seriously interested in this hobby, my curiosity about this old model is growing. Many thanks,


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So here's the model I was referring to. I don't know who the manufacturer of the kit was and I don't know what ship it is or if it's an actual ship at all. As I mentioned I built it in 1975. Somewhere deep in my reptilian brain the name Black Swan is lurking, but that could be a false memory where I'm confusing the name Black Pearl with the fact that there is a swan on this model.


I don't recall much about building it, but I do remember that the spars all came as square stock, and as a complete novice I was upset that they expected me to do something as outrageous as round square stock. At the time I was still going to school and we lived in a tiny walk-up apartment in Toronto. I built it on a folding TV table and with almost no tools.


If anyone is able to shed any light on this model, I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts.







DSCN1102 (Custom).JPG

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I think you're right Bill. There's a certain integrity in its imperfection that would be lost if I re-did it. My grandfather was a Toronto firefighter and after he retired, my dad got possession of his leather fireman's hat. Its condition was a bit beaten up and my dad thought it was a good idea to freshen it up with a coat of shiny black paint! My brother has the hat now and while it's still a wonderful keepsake, to a large extent its beauty, meaning and value have been largely compromised by its shiny black surface. I think maybe I'll leave well enough alone.


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