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Amerigo Vespucci by Don Jane - Mantua - Scale 1:100

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Here is my Log for my Amerigo Vespucci - So far I have the super structure done and I'm ready to finish putting the decks on, and to fill in time as I wait for glue to dry, I am starting to build the Life Boats - this is quite small and challenging but fun to do - there are 11 of these small boats so there is lots to do . I have one small issue with the decks - The lower deck is a different shade than the 2 upper decks, as you can see in the photo - does anyone have any ideas as to how how I can get both decks the same shade - I dont want too use a dark stain as I like the look of a lighter  color on this ship !


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I am finding this kit to be of very good quality - the laser cuttings are very accurate - One thing I am having problems with are the English instructions - Very poor details and I wish there was a color instruction book like some of the other kits I have built, but it is just another challenge to overcome and we will get it done - This build is going to likely take a year to complete but it will be worth it, as it will be a very beautiful ship !

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I am a new member and was considering acquiring the Occre version of the Amerigo Vespucci from Model Expo.

This is a very nice build. You should be proud to have it on display in the lobby area. I am sure you get compliments on it.
I am trying to finish up an old Scientific model of The Cutty Sark I have had for years but didn’t have the time to complete.

Your build may sway me to go ahead and purchase it.

Great build.


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