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HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72 - SOLD

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it is steel, but i have a lot of non slip strips to but on, doing it in evergreen (other makes of plastic strip are available from good model shops and the internet)

like in this photo from the pointy end of the same class of ship


The other bits will go on much later as i still have to make winches lockers etc



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3 hours ago, popeye the sailor said:

still can't get over the white anchor chain........wouldn't expect it,  considering it's function.

At a quess i would say that the sea training staff were riding and if it moved it was hidden, if rigid then it was painted

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Good evening everyone, are you sitting comfortably? i want to tell you a story......

once upon a time, well the last couple of days

made a full top for the after smoke stack

been sanding and cleaning joints for quite a while now and decided to give the superstructure a base coat, to see what needs to have more attention paid to it

the other reason for this is that there are now bits that need to be added, like platforms etc and so i knew everywhere pior to that point  will have had a least one coat of primer

the hanger roof needed to have to extension added, simple enough
but they never reached the sides as if they were to small, infact what this did was bring to light a mistake of my making when I made the superstructure out of MDF

this is when I should have spotted the error


this what i ended up with, although i never took a photo at the time i have cut a section out to the correct size
this is where the error occured, this plaform is in the correct position, but i had to cut some of it off to sit flush and the correct width from the superstructure

where the arrows are is where the mistake was made, the dotted lines are below the platform (and not ignored by me),  this is the amount of hull i had to cut out and the amount off platform that had to be removed

this is the only photo i can find to show you what i mean (just above the red vent) it is flush with the hanger roof extention

this is the state of play until this friday


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Good evening everyone

I have an update
it took a bit longer than anticipated, but im happy with it so far
we left her in a bit of a sad state last weekend, when I realised that i had not read the plans properly, and as a result never took the superstructure in at the right place

new infills panels

and new templates for the platforms made
the hanger roof is still removeable
another primer coat to find bits thet require more work, LOL (lots of that)



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Good evening everyone


what have i done this weekend


Well i taught myself how to solder, (very badly though), but i am sure i can get better


i wanted to sort the lighting out in the hanger

so i used two brass strips as the connections and proceeded to attach the positive and negitives to seperate sides but with that came a load of failures, did some damage to parts i wasn't working on but nothing is lost and can be replaced, 3mm Leds for the white lighting and led strips for the red, both have there own power source and are both remote control 



this was a failure as i had to much wire  and to many were crossing each other, so as a result the hanger roof didnt fit




reverse side before a tidy up





red lighting not so in your face


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2 minutes ago, mtaylor said:

Nice work on the lights, Kevin.  I like the effect of white for day and red for night.

far to bright but i can reduce that brightness down to 25%, and make it do all sorts of other things that RN warships are not known for doing



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Sorry i never made my original post very clear, the lights are remote control but also adjustable , the phots show them at 100% but are dimable to  off, plus different sequences, non of which are used much by the Royal navy in their lighting configurations, i might try a video this weekend to show how it works, although im not sure that this site allows it, but could YouTube it






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Good evening everyone, and another little update, and another apology for not catching up on others work, 
still continuing on the after superstructure

all doors in place at deck level
hanger door in folded position are made but not yet secured
vents in the process of being scratched
the smaller ones around the hanger door pillar, were bought from Modelling timbers, and 4 of the 12 are fitted

hanger doors, i made the required then put spacers inbetween to give the desired look, not 100% sure how i will fit then yet

I need to make quite a lot of vents, im fine with the big ones, and practice is making me better at it
the lower one will not be seen very much, so of the three i made today, this one was not 100% to my liking and will go there for now

tonight she looks quite a lot like this

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