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Late 1700 French Frigate Anchor Hawse Hole Question

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On French ships (frigates in particular), what was used to cover the anchor hawse hole when not in use?  By that I mean, the cable was not attached to the anchor and the anchor stowed.  I know the English used a plug and on some ships a "hatch" inside the hull.  But what did the French use?  I'm not seeing this covered in any of the books I have but I might have missed it.

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In the French navy , and whatever the ship (vessel or frigates), the hawse is closed by a hawse-plug which is a plug of poplar wood.

There is  two models: one that completely obstructs the hawse, it has a conical shape and it's used at sea. The other is almost similar but it is cut along its length leaving a channel to pass the cable anchor. It's use when the ship is anchored.

These plugs are immobilized by four ring-bolds implanted around the hawse.



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