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finally the third HMS Pandora now. I started this project years ago and it was suspended quite a while. At the beginning of this year I did revisit it and finalized it. I am currently doing the first big render tests and put first results on YouTube:



Some photes of the same setting here:







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Hello Bava,


Points: 4.253.274 (10.491.162)*

Polygons: 4.323.536 (10.167.557)*

Objects: 29.848 (61.648)*


()* incl. instances


24 frames per second. Each frame takes 3-4 minutes on a decent double quad-core computer.


My electricity bill will be horrible ...

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Could be just an illusion, but she seems to be riding awfully low in the water (as in too low).  Must have taken on enough stores for a long West Indies tour!!!  But absolutely beautiful none the less.....and a great job of rendering.


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Well then, something I had been after for a long time, the depiction of a convincing continous ocean surface reaching to the horizon is finally achieved. The surface is fully based on a deformed mesh plane (for the 3D people: use the Houdini Ocean Toolkit) animated with waves, wind and movement against the speed of the ship. I will see what I can do with it although it brings my computer resources to its absolute limits ...  Further down find a new animation within this environment. This time with sound. It is not perfect tough. The ocean still has a butterfly effect (has been fixed meanwhile), the horizon has a flaw (also fixed) and the bow wave is a little bit out of control ( still a challenge).






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my latest activities result in the need of extending the memory of my computer beyond 12Gig. As I am waiting for the memory modules some animations here that I made a long time ago ...


Turning the lower yard more than 30° results in a collision with the shrouds. Therefore I had to simulate what I think might have been the solution to the problem. Pushing the first rope of the shrouds a little bit while the yard is moved out a little bit forwards:



This animation depicts the lifting of the yards while affected ropes and blocs move synchronously:



Finally the animation of a gun and its rigging when being moved out and fired:



More soon.

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Awesome stuff!  I only wish I had the time to learn to use this stuff - provides a fantastic method to visualize the actual workings of the ship.  These must take you an amazing amount of time and effort to produce?

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