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On ‎31‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 2:48 AM, mtaylor said:

Regarding the Like button... seems to not want to work on an intermittent basis.  Even refreshing the page doesn't help.   Not consistently, but just haphazardly.


Overall, things look pretty good from my end.  

Hi Mark,


I appear to be suffering from the same problem.  None of my 'Likes' appear to be registering.  I have just tried to like several posts by Danny on his card log and Craigs Mikasa log.


I get the like icon showing and it is coloured purple to show I have selected it by it doesn't show my user name in the bottom row.  Also when I return to the log it allows me to like again as though I didn't do anything previously and still doesn't show.


This is on other peoples logs and have tried using an iPhone, iPad and works computer.  Very annoying as I would like to show my appreciation without cluttering up a log unnecessarily.




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Hello Slog and Mark,


I don't have any problems using the 'like' button. I am using the Uniform 4.2

The only thing is, you have to push the like button twice. Once to color it purple and the second time to also show the little x and the text 'you like this'.

Then your like is registered.




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You are incorrect.....Just click it once.   Your user name wont appear.  It will say "you" or "You like this" .  If you click it a second time...you remove your like.  Do NOT click on it again if you see the little "X".   This means "remove your like.  Once it turns purple you have "liked" the post and it is recorded.  It is purple with an X...this means you like the post and its recorded.



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I Have also had problems with the "like" button. It has changed it's appearance like a greek bowl or amfora. But with my Android tablet, when I press it once, the symbol chances colour to purple. The second press, and the "x" appears, and "like"is notified. Third press will remove your liking.

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I've noticed an intermittent strange behavior with the LIKE button lately.   It happens with both my Tablet (touch screen) and Laptop (mouse).  When I click the LIKE button it will sometimes show the button with an X next to it but does not add the text "you liked this" next to the button, nor show me if anyone else has LIKEd the post.  If I scroll down or back further in that forum to another post it will act as I expect it to act.  If I click on the LIKED post with the X next to the button again, the LIKE goes away but no text (of other LIKEs) appears. If I re-click on the same post the X reappears next to the button but no text.  It's a strange very intermittent occurrence but nothing that I consider serious, but once it occurs on a specific post it continues to fail, other posts in that same forum thread may or may not fail.

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On 13/08/2017 at 2:06 AM, rafine said:

Dirk, it has been happening on my last update post in my Halifax log (there are no longer post numbers so I can't identify it any better).



If you hoover over the post link at the top right (the trhee connected dots) you can copy the location with a right click of the mouse and use it. If you want to have the number, just hoover over the link and you see the post number at the bottom. It is all you have at present, but better than nothing. The sequence numbering of the posts is indeed missing since this last "update".

You could use the link as reference in your text ...

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I get the same thing......if no one has posted a like,  mine will not show.   if I leave the thread,  the like will disappear,  as if I had never done it.   the only time my like will show,  is when others have initiated the like in the first place.   I've had to re-like a few of the builds I watch.  I tried the double click......Chuck is correct,  it does not work.

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