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HMS Diana By Barbossa - Caldercraft - Scale 1:64 - The 1794 Attempt

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Hi All,


Only when I encountered some difficulty while trying to login, I realised what happened last week.

By re-signing in I'd like to support and express my respect & gratitude to all Adminitors who are putting lots of effort and commitment into this site.

Some data are lost but worse thing may happen in life, I guess.

Anyway, here's my actual status :

As I chose for an open bulwark build, one of the consequences was that I had to adapt the dimensions of the gunports at the quartedeck. Meaning : now they are all the same and the only carronades left are the ones at the foremost position.

Therefore I ordered for some extra 9lb guns which I intend to fully rigg.


Greetings to you all








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Thanks, Joe & Sjors



It's good to be in touch again with all you fine people.

Still have to find my way, but I like this new edition .


(Hi Andy, also trying to put you on my friends list)


My stern is desperate for at least one lamp, tried to make it from scratch but there I encountered my own limitations, I'm afraid. So aside from some extra canons, I ordered for some figurines and also a set of lamps.



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Likewise Mort,


All accessoires came from Cornwall-Boats, they have figurines in different scales but within the 1/64 scale you have 2 possibilities :

-1 set of 6 Amati figurines

- 6 individual figurines


I guess 12 sailors should suffice to bring your Snake "to live"




The most recent ones can be recovered, I'll see what I can do

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Hi Tim & Aldo : thanks for your appreciation

Another thing that depends of your appreciation are the (relevant) pics I managed to recover, there's about 40 pics. I must admit that it is less than I expected. But the open bulwark thing is amongst them, so that was the good news ;)













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Hi Aldo,


it took lots of measuring, comparing, checking,...and only gluing/fixing when I was 100% satisfied and obtained the expected result.

With this open bulwark thing, I took a bit of a gamble, but the endresult made it all worthwile.

Let's hope the best for the rigging stuff, hmmm...... ;)

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Hi great to see you back I hope to build my Diana as you have done with the open quaterdeck rails and the extra 9 pounders I thinks its a more pleasing look.

Thanks for the heads up

I seem to remember in some old build logs this transom height problem when I get near to fixing them I can dry fix and send some pics to you to check the heigh, it may be a bit down the road as I plan to top & but the main gun deck first.



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Welcome Back Christian. Good to see your work again. Ray has posted a new Diana Build Log and I'm certain he (for one) will appreciate the time you've taken to re-post many of your build pics. Your superb work continues; I do like the open quarterdeck too but I chose to frame mine in with the same wood as the exterior bulwarks which also makes for a nice contrast with the cannons.


I also like to have figures on my completed models. I also chose to mount lanterns on the rear of each top (but not the taffrail).


I'll be waiting anxiously to see how you do your masting and rigging.



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  • 2 months later...

Thank you Mobbsie and Kevin for your kind words.

To Anja and Sjors I would like to return the favour as I understand that tomorrow is a special day for every Dutchman.

And I hope you will enjoy tomorrow day as much as I did today.

If whether or not you will sing along  the "Koningslied" , well... I'd rather not go into that debate.


Regarding my Diana : it is a huge cliché but life is getting a bit in the way lately but I hope to resume my activities very soon.

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