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HMS Diana By Barbossa - Caldercraft - Scale 1:64 - The 1794 Attempt

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Thanks for the kind words, Christos

Spent some time at our Belgian coast.

Still working on the longboat and I must admit I went through the "if you don't like it, stop staring at it and just rip it off" - phase.

However, no harm done and I definitely want a good looking longboat.



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The 26ft longboat : 


As mentioned, there's been some trial & error situations but here's my final shot.

Regarding it's color scheme, I must admit there's some personal interpretaion involved.

Furthermore something is puzzling me : referring to the AOTS-book there is some device that seems to secure the helm (see last pic) . Any ideas about its purpose ?


Best wishes for 2018 to you all







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Hi Christian

That is a davit used with the windlass to lift the anchor rope and isn't part of the helm, when in use the rudder was unshipped and the davit removed when the rudder was in use, there should also be holes at either end of the windlass for turning with two bars, the davit sits in a step on the rear floor angled to stop it going over the stern under weight

Hope that helps



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Hi Zappto,


Thanks for showing interest.

Yes, I had the rudder meanwhile fixed. 

Here's some additional info :

According to the plan and Caldercraft building instructions 4 small boats are to go along with the ship.

The original kit supplies only mini-bulkheads, no anchors, oars or whatsoever. This is why I ordered for the extra  (separate!) 4 mini kits supplied by the same manufacturor ( Caldercraft) I ordered through the Cornwall-Model Boats Company. Those mini kits contain small detail ( anchors, oars,... ) AND a resin body of the small boat.


I'll try to post a pic of the accomplished 26ft boat this evening.

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Hello Zappto : thanks for the kind words.

It was my closest attempt for a windlass . By mistake I fixed this part before foring the necessary holes.:default_wallbash:

In addition of the buildingplans & intructions I purchased the "Anatomy of the Ship"-book referring to HMS Diana through the internet. Very recommendable.

This book describes the presence of a windlass on the 26ft boat. Furthermore, in his post dd. 30/12/2017 ( see above ) Mr. John Cheevers explains its purpose.

This device was designed to carry a big anchor. We must grant this our ancestors : they were inventive and resourceful.

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You're always welcome Jason. I haven't figured out yet how and where this last ship is to integer. Perhaps alongside the mothership ?

Furtheremore and by coincidence we are to expect this evening special furniture where HMS Diana is to find her (final) harbour inside our living room.

(photo's are to be expected)

Which brings me to the next important question : a display case Yes or No ?

Considering the estimated dimensions ( height -stand included- 90 cm, length 125 cm and width 50 cm ) depedending of the thickness of the glass, there's quite some weight involved, I'm afraid. I'm inclined to plexiglass, just to save some weight but I have doubts  if a thickness of 4mm is achievalbe in this matter.

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Christian, I would strongly urge that you go with the case. I don't believe that my models would have survived over the years without their cases. My cases are plexiglass, and the large ones have a thickness of 8mm. They are strong, but still capable of being moved about, if necessary.



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Hi Bob, Thanks for the sound advise. I already contacted a specialized company nearby  ( about 20 km from home ) , they have many musea as customers and offer the choice between 8 and 6 mm thickness. The 6 mm option still weights approx. 30 kilogram

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Altho' I think models look nicer without a case, I would certainly encase her Christian.

There's too much rigging and intricacy to keep her properly clean, and it would be an increasingly tiresome task to do so with more dust left in the difficult places to access each time.

To reduce the impact of a case I favour a plexiglass cover without framing, but I suppose it depends on the sort of setting you are thinking about.

The one issue with a clear plexiglass cover is setting it over the model without catching the spar extremities, and it is certainly a two person job.


Look forward to seeing her in her final setting.:)




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Hello BE ( and all the likes) ,


Well here's the pics.

The captain and me agreed for a console furniture as we were anxious that a solid cupboard probably might turn out to be boorisch inside our living space.

So I'd like to be sure if this console can carry 30 kilograms ( the frames are made of iron).

Aside from this : I'm looking for another -less plump- stand.











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She does look absolutely splendid Christian, I've always liked the toning of her colour scheme.


I agree that she does deserve a less utilitarian display stand; I've always favoured a keel block arrangement incorporating a pair of fine cradles, but the there are many options.





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Congratulations Christian, she really is a stunning and inspirational model.  Agree with all the comments above on the case, and I think a one piece case would look complimentary with the console - personal taste of course.  I personally prefer a more discrete stand as well.  Something I may consider for 'Jason' is to display the ships boats at waterline height, possibly tied up alongside, this could probably be done relatively simply with some small brass rod mounted into the display base - again all personal taste.

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B.E., Chris, Patrick, Jason & Mort and all the likes.

Thanks for showing appreciation and sound advise.


Related to the colour scheme : a few years ago I purchased a huge quantity of yellow colored planks of origin unknown (3,5 * 1mm).

As you can see and imagine : a rough cut and not the best quality for bending purposes. Neither does it match the quality and apperence of the boxwood many of you use to successfully upgrade your builds. Nonetheless I obtained - be it with much sanding - the effect I was aiming for , which even the paints could deliver in my opinion.

As you can see : plenty of those in surplus , maybe for projects in the fututre ?


Nowadays we're decorating (papering) bedrooms & dressings at home.

Therefore the expression : "I've got a a pretty congested dressing & wardrobe but nothing to wear" may sound familiar. By consequence  the attic -my workspace- has a new function : the back-room of a catwalk. ( from where comes this unpretty feeling I'm moving on thin ice here ?:P ).Thus making dust for a new stand is perhaps not a good idea. This allows me to search the internet for a suitable solution regarding the showcase.


Greetings to you all and enjoy the Week-end


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