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Do we have a list of kits organized per scale?


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I was wondering if there is a place in this forum where we have a list of existing kits organized by scale. For instance, if you were modelling in the scale of 1/32, you could find quickly all the kits available in this scale.


I know most people model or build a certain type of ship regardless of the scale. However, there may be certain people who want to build all their ships at the same scale, and such a list would help tremendously.


For instance, if I wanted to find the Mayflower at the 1/64th scale, would Artesania Latina be the only manufacturer of such kit?



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I found this site,  http://www.modelwarships.com/index1.html  although primariy a steel navy site, has such a list.


It may be a little out of date though   http://www.modelwarships.com/reviews/kitlist/kitlist-index.html


Hope this helps a little for the project,



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I never though about it before, but this would be a good thing for everyone. You would be able to look up the ship your thinking about building and see who makes it and which scale it is. Now that would be nice. Thank you all for this coming to mind.

found a space, now build the matching kit to fill it, 

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