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cutting down a model to the water line, any tutorials?

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I know this is not a popular way to build a ship, but I would like to construct mine so that the bottom is flat right around the waterline.  This is for diorama building purposes and for use of the model as terrain for some wargaming.   I have had no luck finding any tutorials on how to go about doing this.  Specifically I am wondering what to look out for in terms of planking.  It seems like this would actually make construction simpler as you can clamp from above and below during the entire build process.  What I am worried about is the planks closer to the water line and how to modify based on plans.  Any suggestions would be quite welcome.

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Hi, zreef. I don't know of anyone who has actually attempted this, but in theory it shouldn't be too difficult. What you'll need to do is locate the waterline on your plans and then transfer that line to each of your station bulkheads. That will indicate how much of each bulkhead you will need to remove. Then I expect you'll need some to stabilize the lower structure of your hull formers, and there's several ways you could do that. One would be to use filler blocks in between the bulkheads, sanded down to match the hull curvature. Another would be to fix your hull formers down onto a flat piece of wood, much like plastic waterline models have a flat bottom piece included in the kit. To do this, you would need to remove extra material from the bulkheads equal to the thickness of the hull base plate, as well as sand the base plate to match the hull lines.


I hope all that made sense. Perhaps some others will have better ideas.



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