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New Bedford Whaleboat by Andi Little - Amati - 1/16 - Newbie build - SMALL

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Hello all, ..... recently signed up, and the first post from me, so I guess this constitutes an introduction, as well as my first post, come build log.

So then - Andi Little, and little Andi by nature. long time modeller but a first proper attempt at a wooden model. I've been a fan of small open boats since childhood, dinghies dories tenders jolly boats pinnaces etc - et al.


I've been trying to find out ways of building open boats for years, and generally amusing myself just solving the problems mentally. But for some reason, it seems to have loomed larger in my mind and I've finally chosen to tackle it as a project. I saw someone else's ongoing build of the Whaleboat and was really quite smitten with the whole look of the thing - I liked its lines the details and accessories ... and perhaps more to the point it looked do-able? .................... Don't tell me if I've made a mistake in that assumption as I've read up on the admins' advice on keeping things simple-ish to start off with and had hoped this would do the trick.

Eventually, the ambition is to be able to build from scratch an array of small handsome rowboats and sailboats - I love these things. I lived aboard for many years and often watched them buzzing around - I am to this day still in love with "Emily from Morston"  and an unnamed Estuary boat that I often sailed up and down the river Thurne.


Well enough about me .................. for those may have not seen the project in question, and by way of commitment of intention ....................




..................................................... Cheers all ... Andi.

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Welcome aboard Andi! That looks like a very nice little boat. Remember to have fun with it and if you run into trouble, ask around. People are always ready to help answer questions!



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Continental Gunboat Philadelphia by Model Shipways



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Model Shipways Phantom



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The Nautical Research Guild

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Hello Andi

Small world this model building stuff Seems we have crossed paths on another line of modelmaking. It wont be long befor you cross over onto the "dark side".....



Current builds  Bristol Pilot Cutter 1:8;      Skipjack 19 foot Launch 1:8;       Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 1:8

Other projects  Pilot Cutter 1:500 ;   Maria, 1:2  Now just a memory    

Future model Gill Smith Catboat Pauline 1:8

Finished projects  A Bassett Lowke steamship Albertic 1:100  


Anything you can imagine is possible, when you put your mind to it.

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Hello, Michael chap ... what a lovely surprise,

Yes, it was back in the old Gn15 days, quite some time ago now; and somewhere I haven't revisited in quite some either. And it's probably been that long since we last spoke. In fact, you had just laid the keel of the pilot cutter, so that tells you how long it's been since we last corresponded properly.

It's good to see a familiar face too, me being the "new boy" and all.

I don't know about crossing over to the dark side - I suspect I may actually be crossing back? And I'm looking forward to this project too, I intend (hopefully) to keep it a fairly simple affair with the emphasis on enjoyment as I'd like to ease myself into this type of modelling. I have hopes and plans for more ambitious notions at some in the future ... that is, of course, if I can make a decent fist of this??



Good to speak again - thanks for getting in touch.



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Hi Andi If you click on the pilot cutter link in my signature you can see the progress on the pilot cutter.


Great to have you aboard.



Current builds  Bristol Pilot Cutter 1:8;      Skipjack 19 foot Launch 1:8;       Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 1:8

Other projects  Pilot Cutter 1:500 ;   Maria, 1:2  Now just a memory    

Future model Gill Smith Catboat Pauline 1:8

Finished projects  A Bassett Lowke steamship Albertic 1:100  


Anything you can imagine is possible, when you put your mind to it.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Sort of an update! ...I've finally cleared the decks (s'cuse pun) of a rather long term project, and so now in the throws of getting organised for this current Amati build.


Now, while I haven't acquired these following items for the build they do fit in with some plans I would like to implement at some later stage ................


This then was a hobby purchase - something that I'd wanted for many years. I'd laboured over the choice for some time and eventually plumped for the Axminster knowing it was a hobby level purchase but thrilled never the less ......................




And ensconced into the man-cave .....................




Now here's the thing ............. after making much of a song and dance about my new long awaited addition to the man-cave a student said - "I've got an old saw, would you be interested"?

Well, it turns out after a little confusion to be an original "Diamond fret-saw" and has sat beneath a dust cover unused for most of its life. Now the bandsaw is most definitely a hobby grade item - but this, this is the real deal. I mean it's mostly made out of solid bar!!!



Forgive the groovy stand, this was something I had to make (Yay new bandsaw) in order to move it around as it has no natural home yet - not enough bench-space you see?


I'm not the luckiest guy in the world, but on this occasion - most definitely ... Thankful and Grateful.



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This seems to be the standard declaration of intent, and although you have seen many tread this path before me, watching me stumble and fall may just provide some light entertainment?

As an Auto modeller (by and large), this then is the equivalent of glueing the engine halves together ............... so, a change of subject, genre, and material.

Here goes ..............................................








As can be seen, it pretty much takes up my entire work-station ... should be fun then?

Cheers, all.
Edited by Andi Little
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Not actually much further forward, but this seemed to take some doing - it's all a bit alien you see. Anyhoo, I thought I'd post an update because really this is where the build starts in earnest: everything so far is actually sacrificial!
I'm already impressed with the obvious and beautiful shape of this craft. And apparently, they were considered a disposable item during their working lifetime so whilst every effort was made to keep them as light and seaworthy as possible their design and detailing was down (very much) to the shipwright who was producing them -- which gives me a degree of welcome latitude to interpret the finish to my own ends and tastes (to a degree)?

Pic's then ..................................










Whom ever it was that came up with the "bulldog clip life hack" was pretty switched on that day - a very elegant solution and a pretty whizz little gadget.

The "braces" in the first bulkhead bay are there because that guiding plank "cogged" around the last but one bulkhead (pretty much like the one at the far end too).

So, onto the first piece of real modelling and those internal floorboards then.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, here we go then - my first keel-hauling (Probably). Being a complete novice - and thinking I had a handle on things, and seeing as the first plank fitted so happily I fitted that, and then just kept on going. Congratulating myself on all the stuff that was going right it took me a while to realise the planks weren't fitting as well as they had done - and they were bowing in the middle - A LOT.
It was then I thought to sit back and have a think about it ... and of course, it dawned on me - a quick check on another build, and yep' I should have tapered them!!! Grrr.

In my defence, it's a lesson learned, it's an interior section of the build, and it will be painted completely. I did the only thing I could - I spun it around and started from the keel and worked back to the edge. Apart from ostracising myself from every seasoned maritime model builder? It doesn't seem to have worked out so badly??? - as of yet!Whaleboat-7.jpg






Truth be told I'm not one of those guys that just have to leave all the wood showing or anything. But I am frustrated to have made such a rookie mistake so early on!! :angry-banghead:
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Just to continue with the inner planking (and its recovery) here's a few more pics. They should have followed the last lot a little closer, but my photo host went down for maintenance. Without letting anyone know may I add. Anyhoo, got a bit suspicious (and fed-up) after three days and decided to go elsewhere.

As luck would have it as soon as I think I've got it sorted out, and confused the living daylights out of myself; my host comes back online and with a little e-mail to apologise - I've never been so grateful to see them.

Those pics then ..........................



One side complete with all gaps filled.





Making a start on the floor planking straps - these are purely functional of course and pretty much just hold it all together - better! Two things of note in this pic though ... as I'm applying the straps(?) I'm preceding with scrapers as opposed to sandpaper, and also - those red handled pliers on the table, these are jewelers link making pliers and although I'm soaking the wood, and shoving it through a wheel to curve it - they are always better for passing through the jaws of these pliers and just nipping it every few mil' or so. (Teaching my Grandma to suck eggs obviously - but there might be someone out there with less experience than me)?





Different angle of the dangle.






A close-up of those "mini-scrapers" (A little smaller than a credit card actually).






And a shot of them at work - much more satisfying ... and effective!
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Great progress and congratulations on the band saw :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a quick update ... not a lot going on, as this bit has been quite tedious - as I can only fit so many ribs before I run out of clamping room, and have wait for stuff to dry and so then I can move on.

Pics ......................................


All those floor planking strips are now in place, and as a chum commented - making sure they don't clash with any of the hull ribs that have yet to be placed.


And of course, this is what you have at either end - needing to be cleaned up to make way for a faux keel piece.


Tadah! .... and magically with the keel piece in place.


Just a pic' to show the faux keel once it's been tidied, and a bit of a teaser as to the hull ribbing ...


And here a squarer view so this first side can be seen clearly - just the other to do, and then on to the hull planking itself - of which I am assured on this model is quite the tussle??

Edited by Andi Little
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  • 3 weeks later...

Here we go then with a little progress ... sort of good and bad really. A chum that's built this already had alluded to the fact that this wasn't going to be the easiest part of the build - and he was wrong, and yet oh so very right!!

The way it described to go about the planking just didn't work well with the way my head works (?) so I kind of winged it a bit. Which surprisingly worked really well  ... for a while, and then started to circle the bowl for the rest of it. Now I don't want to get into a big description of how it went so very badly - so I'm hoping the pics will tell the tale (largely) - obviously, those who would like me to suffer through a tawdry description could ask questions  :o

I simply measured the planks and the space required and worked out the appropriate overlaps - this worked amazingly for the first four planks - right on the line - couldn't see why this was so difficult? .................................


Where we left off ....................


Ready for planking ........................?


Ready ......................... ??


First one glued down - and the back of the second showing planed areas.


You perhaps don't need to see squibs of glue but it does sort of illustrate the process.


Further on now, and a couple of invaluable bits of kit during this phase I found - an accurate glue applicator and my new Veritas mini-plane (definitely not a toy).


And after four planks that hit the line every time - THIS!! Why? the fifth plank (number 27) was this far out - completely and utterly wrong - why?


After MUCH thinking and a lot of trials and offerings up! This my solution - quite elegant actually-(surprisingly)? I searched along the plank till I could see it going wrong - cut it and simply turned it over!!


Sometimes it needed turning, other times it just needed a bit of trimming to alter the angle. Plank 28 needed three cuts, 29 perversely none(fitted perfectly) and the final number 30 needed three cuts again?


A three-quarter view before fettling..............


The stern view after smoothing things through (Only a little I may add).


And the bow which ran true to my markings throughout.


And finally, although still raw with the former inside - the right way up. And is that not such a beautiful shape ................. Hubba-hubba!

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