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Tools from the OR

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Cool stuff, Keith!  I have a few of those items leftover from my wild and mispent youth running EMS in the days of Johnny & Roy, and some others courtesy of a grandchild that gets an infusion every other day.


Another area that has generated some useful items is the Admirals fiber crafting (knitting etc.)  She has surrendered a few small knitting needles and crochet hooks to the cause 9and all it cost me was more yarn...one would think 500 skeins was enough!).




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Yep, there is lots of useful stuff in that profession. My father trained as a MD (but never practiced) and after he died, I found a lot of interesting 'tools' in his drawers, including a collection of old-time anatomical scalpels (really heavy duty - I don't like to imagine what they were used for  :huh: ), a really sharp bone chisel, needle holders, arteria clamps, pincettes, etc.



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