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HMS Victory Cross Section by captgino - Corel - 1/98

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Hi everyone. 


I have decided to start working on this kit  to break away from the monotony of working on the same kit from several months. 

I always thought it would never do that but... I just need  a break. 

First hurdle, I got the old kit version on eBay and the directions are only in Italian. I sent an email to Corel l and they very kindly send me the direction in English.  However, this is for the second revision of the kit and I unfortunately have the first one.


Anyone have this kit and the directions on English? 







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English  direction or not I am starting.

I used an app where you can take a picture of a text.  You can extract the text from the picture. After that it was just a matter of using Google translate., there is a few mistakes , but overall it is okay to understand.









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Last night progress.



This is just some strips of wood that I wanted to put there to see how would look like. But this is not the right size. I'm going to have to trim the wood on the side a bit. 

I noticed that is quite a discrepancy between the plans and the actual Construction. In one section,  the directions /plans called for 10 strips

but you really need 7.


I think this is something I'm going to have to look out for for the entire build. 


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Small update. I have decided to add some additional details to the build but not as much as some of the other master pieces on this site. It would be a more humble approach.

I have for goal to built the Triton cross section later so I am using this built as a platform to test new techniques and concepts.

So far the deck beams have not been glued.




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