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I am packing to go to my new home.


Pickle and a much reduced set of tools is all packed to go


But in the attic I found a box of bits from an old build of HMS Fly  - the hull got broken beyond recovery in my last house move and some I substituted with scratch


I am in a bit of haste but hate just to dump the bits.  So if anybody close to me in Cornwall Devon wants anything or anyone UK  can arrange posting.


I have  two full sets Fly o.25 PE decoration,

most of sheets 2403 and the sheet wih the rudder on -

2407 walnutsheet

set of the white metal stern window castings

a Figurehead

a walnut stem

 and quite a bit of spare planking and deck strip

 a bundle which looks like two setsof dowels

a set of of the PE deadeye and hook s

LOTS of the cast metal gun carriages and a few barrels

 a spare stem and foredeck ply

manual and plansheets


plus some bits which i think remain from Unicorn - couple of flag sets and some wooden carriages  with wheels and barrels  and a slightly modified beak head

and a few anchors


But speak quick or its the recycling ! SOB SOB



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Pity you can't find room for one more box Steve, such bits and pieces are often found a use for particularly brass etch that can be modified , but I admit I'm a bit of a hoarder.


Even tho' I'm currently in Devonshire, I have loads of this sort of stuff, so I hope an appreciative recipient comes forward. Shame to dump it.



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I have weeded my stuff and I have a pack to take with Pickle , plus appropriate spare  strip etc and tools and things like my various jigs for planking and  hatch frames  plus a lot of better strip and pieces - of better woods but this box was the stuff that really didnt have any justification.

I also had have quite a lot of very old strip which i have dumped mainly cos it was  poor quality  and  it hast gone quite briittle quite surprisingly so I thought but some of it was over 20 year old - time for a clean out,. But the thought is not comfortable !

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