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Couple questions regarding Chainplates

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Working on my AVS, reposted questions here as well.

  1. The kit provided black coated steel wire for fabricating chainplates and block stropes. My concern is that this wire will eventually start to rust and stain the wood/rigging adjacent to it where installed. Should I find some .03 brass wire to use instead and blacken it?
  2. Should I reeve and space the deadeyes before installing one end on the chainplate and onto the hull and channels? Or install the deadeye/chainplate on the hull/channels, then reeve/space while on the hull?





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I haven't gotten to the chainplates yet, but from what I've read, it's best to strop the lower deadeyes, then attach the chainplates to the hull/channels.  Once masts are stepped and shrouds attached, then do the reeving on the deadeyes.


As far as rusting, it might make a neat "weathered" look for the model, but depending on the look you're going for, you could just use blackened brass instead.  (Check the paint & finishing section for some blackening topics.  I also have a few pics in my build log that show the blackened brass breech plates for my carronades- I think the finish would come out similarly for the wire strops- mine came out sort of dark brown/black rust looking, which is ok by me.)


But always do test pieces first, and before using the blacken-it, clean the brass really well & don't touch with your fingers.  After blackening, wipe the excess soot off (nasty stuff) before handling and attaching to the model.  :)


Hope this helps & good luck!!!




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I agree with Rich. Strop the lower deadeyes, attach them to the chainplates, and then attach the chainplates to the hull. Reeve the lanyards as the shrouds are installed.



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