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Wilhelmina VII KW140 by kees de mol - Herringlugger 1914 - Scale 1/25

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Thanks everybody for the kind reply and the likes. 


Jan: The navigation lights came out of my  modellingstash and they are made from plastic.

First I painted them black and after that a thin layer with coppercolour and some washes and drybrushing with oilpaint. I was very happy with result but maybe I add some more copperoxidation  for the effect.

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5 hours ago, Roger Pellett said:



What color did you use to paint the inside of the bulwarks?  It is the best representation that I have seen of the red lead paints that used to be widely used in the marine industry.



I used a spraycan from Motip. I hope to post a picture tomorrow. 

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On 4/9/2018 at 2:13 PM, kees de mol said:

After sanding the hull I placed a keel and I glued strips of thin plastic to simulate the hullplates. After this it was a lot of work to get a nice finish but it worked well.













I also made a rudder out of brass

















amazing stuff Kees , i am watching

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On 5/30/2018 at 11:48 PM, kees de mol said:

Weer heel wat werk verzet aan de logger. De goot voor afvoer van buiswater is helemaal klaar en hierna ben ik alle staanders gaan inmeten en maken voor tegen de verschansing. Deze blijven nog losneembaar zodat ik ze straks los van de romp kan spuiten . Hierna ben ik begonnen aan de lastige klus van het potdeksel, maar dat ging gelukkig wel heel goed.


Translation kindly provided by Cog :D


Quite a lot of work done. The scuppers are finished, and after that I started measuring the braces for the bulwarks. These will remain removable for the time being, so I can spray them seperately from, the hull. After that I started on the "potdeksel" (don't know what it means in Dutch, let alone in English ... it is some kind of lid ...) which went well.

Ook een nieuwe lijmmethode gebruikt waar ik erg tevreden mee ben


wow this is the way to make complicated stern 

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On 9/9/2018 at 12:39 AM, kees de mol said:

New progress on the herringlugger. I started to finish the outside of the hull with thousands of 'fake' rivets. For these rivets I used some glue or paint for clothes. I also gave the hull a solid layer of primer to seal the rivets. In reality the ship would have more, much more rivets but I keep it this way. Iam afraid more rivets will do more harm then good. Now I have the idea off a riveted hull without turning it into a hedgehog or something.


I am also starting to sealize that this ship take much more time than the smaller models that i built earlier. It seems like evything takes twice as much time. But fortunately the challenge remains great and I enjoy the building of the model and the thinking out of everything.


Thanks for watching, commenting and hitting the like button.


(Updates will take a bit longer in the future. After working as a volunteer now since January with elderly people with dementia, I got a job as a student nurse at a big healthcare organization. This after more than six years of being not capable of working because of my bad health. The training will start in february. I thank  my wife, my friends and God (and offcoarse the elderly people for stealing my heart😍) for these opportunities after so long being sick)





















beautiful boat and work Kees. riveting adds up omph. eyecatcher. 

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Kees,  First time checking in on your build log.  OH MY, what a beautiful job you are doing, and a wonderfully detailed log.    I have often thought about a model of one of the freighters I sailed on in the 60s.  Your log tells me it can be done and gives me hope!!  


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