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Wilhelmina VII KW140 by kees de mol - Herringlugger 1914 - Scale 1/25

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Just catching up on your log Kees.  Beautiful work as always - every element and detail.  I followed your previous F/V builds and have always admired your modeling skills.  I am especially impressed by your work in styrene as it is among some of the best I have seen.  The mechanism atop the capstan is another example of that high level of work.  Very nicely done and completely convincing.  Are you using something like Milliput for the inner and outer curvature of the "cast iron" components?  Are you cutting/fabricating your own gears?


Superb work Kees - keep it coming.



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6 hours ago, flying_dutchman2 said:

Kees, as always, excellent craftsmanship. 

The book you used for your bilge pumps, what is the name and author of that book? 



Hello Marcus,


It's a book about the Herringlugger Balder from Vlaardingen https://images.app.goo.gl/G1LVcUZj2AW4qmye6


I use it a lot when building parts and also the photo's from my visit to this museumship

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And another part. Sorry for not posting anything last months. Covid hit the carecenter where I work very hard and lot of my clients died. from 19 employees, 11 were sick at home so I had to work very much and long hours. I never got sick and today I got my first vaccin so hope for the best.





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Marvelous work Kees. I especially like the weathered look of the fishbuns. Hard times we have to deal with and especially people like you in "care services" get the brunt of the work. Take care

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