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US Brig Niagara by Tom E - Model Shipways - 1:64 Scale

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Hope everyone is well. Hazy, hot and humid today.

That means some friends over for grilling, swimming in the lake, Red Sox play the Yankees.....classic summer day!!!!

Maybe a few cold beverages! :cheers:



Thought I would put Niagara together with friends coming over.

Show her off a little bit. :P




She's a big girl, growing up right in front of me.




I haven't put her together like this in quite some time.

I didn't hang the Yards, seemed like too much of a risk for something happening. 




I was able to see that the Fore and Main shrouds do clear the hammock stanchions.

No rub that I've seen so far. That may change as things get rigged in. I'll be watching it.

If there is rub, the stanchions can be bent/adjusted.




Once the stanchions are done, the Bowsprit area will have my main attention.

Then masts after that. 




Anchors, boat davits, yards are all made.

Just didn't think it warranted putting them on.




You forget how big of a model she is when it's all broken down into sections. 




Stay cool!


Tom E 




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You might want to lose fit your masts with the dead-eye shrouds included. I remember it was an extremely close fit between the shrouds running up and the stanchions. Make sure they are not going to run into each other.

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Hope everyone is well. Niagara continues, but not very quickly during the summer.

Had a rainy stretch these past few weekends, so some time in the shipyard. 


The Hammock stanchions continue. 




Using a kitchen towel, small lengths were cut and rolled into "tubes".




Kind of a stuff and puff approach. :rolleyes:




If you look at the background in the below pic. I had a visitor looking in on my ship. 

Popeye himself!!!!!!

Looks like he's looking at my ship....and he's an expert!!!!!

I can guarantee this pic was from a Saturday morning. Local station plays the good cartoons every weekend morning. 




The stanchions may look a bit wonky.

The stanchions themselves are somewhat easily bent and will be adjusted later so the shrouds don't interfere and match the curve of the bulwarks. 




I should have these finished soon. 

For some reason I haven't put the rudder on yet and have started the process.

Should have pics soon. 




Stay calm and model on

Be good,


Tom E 



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