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Bluenose by JustBlowingInTheWind – Model Shipways – scale 1:64 - Canadian fishing Schooner

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Where in the world have I been? I had a '69 LeMans that I sold and I gave a lift away creating a LOT more space in the man cave. Went through and sold or tossed tools I'll never use again, actually everything I could find.


I forget what it's called and where I got it but I'm sure one of y'all will know. Detailed instruction on the build. Comes with a disc with photo's. Lost it. I have the photo's, but not the book.


Well for the first time in the 11 years we've lived here, the wife can park in the garage. I was able to add an additional 6' bench and some shelving and I installed some 4' LED lights. NO heat! Almost as bright as my T5 HO's. Spent 2 weeks with the Grand daughter as we do every year. We always go to Arnold, Ca. and rent the same cabin. There's a road that is LONG and down hill and the last half mile is un-cared for. Lots of pot holes, dips, bumps, grooves... Our bikes have shock absorbers, but it's a rough ride. She says she's trying to get me killed. I'm saying, the only will I have is a living one. I fell off my bike twice getting on it. Wife led the way in the truck with the flashers on and brought us back to the top. We make the run 3 or 4 times a day.


We also go every year to see the Sequoia's and see the tree you could drive through. As man of you know she blew over this year. Can't even recognize it.


Next year we're going to Lake Shasta, Ca. and renting a house boat and jet ski's. She'll be 16 then and I'll be older. I'll post the first pics in a bit.

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A '69 Lemans I was going to clone to a GTO. Ran out of money. Already had a 455 from a bonneville and added Edelbrock performance plus Cam, Carb and intake with the original '69 Ram Air manifolds. The valve covers were made one year only. Don't recall what year.


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I'm going to blame it on my glasses. I can see either close or far, but not down the center. O and N are not level. I tried to carve and shim but that plywood crap is hard to cut. Guess my sailors will get whipped a lot for walking like they're drunk.


I also broke the top of the keel of amid ship. Looks like it's out of alignment.


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L is also out of allignment.

perhaps you shouldn't try to cut, but use a rasp or afile to get the deck in allignment, a file goes over a few frames at the same time, so you can see which one is too high (and has to be files down), and which one is too low(and has to be filled.

mind: when the problem is caused bu a centerslot that is not exactly square, you will have the same job to dowhen fairing the outside ot the frames.



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Contacted model shipway's, they said they don't care why I need the parts, they'll send them to me.


So, I broke the keel at the bearding line. To make the line, I took a #11 x-acto and cut the bottom line, then using a curved blade (I don't know the number) and carved out the beard.


Any better ideas?


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Hi Brian, 

I'm thinking your asking about the bearding line/rabbet.

And believe me, I am no expert, somewhere on the site there's probably a better way!

I recently put a rabbet on my Niagara.

What I used was just a small flat wood chisel.

I used the angle of the sharp area, on the chisel, as my depth gauge, its probably no more than 1/16th. Went inch by inch just pushing the chisel straight into the glue line up to where the angle of the chisel blade goes straight.

Used the same chisel, now almost flat against the keel with the sharp end pointing down. Made tiny little cuts until I had taken out a small amount of wood at the glue line. 

To make the bearding line deeper, I just use 120 grit sandpaper thru 400 grit to get it where I like it. 

Its a bit time consuming but works for me.


A drink of choice helped the process!:cheers:


Tom E 

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Brian, I quickly learned that xacto blades weren't the answer.  I moved over to scalpels.  They have one that acts almost like a chisel but is sharp as anything,  I didn't have the scalpels when I did my bearding line but wish I did.  It was the first time I had to do the bearding line and it really wasn't as hard as I thought.  You need to be careful.  Don't go in there thinking you need to push like anything to get the wood cut.  Take your time, add a little pressure and let your blade do the work.  When you start to force the blade, mistakes then happen.


I have been enjoying your build and was silently hoping you would get ahead of me so I could see what to do next :)


Enjoy what you're doing.  It's not meant to be frustrating but I know it gets that way.

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I don't get frustrated. I'm on my meds. Can you send me a link to what you're talking about?


And you don't want to try to "learn" anything from me. I do cars, not wood. I tend not to know my own strength and break things.

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