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My daughter shared my love of boats and ships, and to make models for her was the driving force behind why I began building.  She was murdered more than a year ago, and with her senseless death, I lost my reason and purpose and passion for modeling.


Therefore, I’m letting my Sherline Mill and remainder of desirable books from my book collection go.  These are my last few items, and I would like to see them go to members of this great community; therefore, I’ve set prices to help make these last few items more accessible.


If you’re serious and interested in the items I’m offering below, to help avoid misunderstandings or etc. upfront, please read through what follows. 


I believe the prices I’ve set are reasonable, so please let’s not haggle over prices in the thread or via PM.  Due to how the books are all pre-packed, weighed, and etc., I cannot combine shipments.  I apologize in advance to the forum’s international modelers, but I can only sell and ship within the United States and only ship the Mill to the lower 48 states. 


For the listed books, please send me your zip in a PM and I will provide you with a USPS Media shipping quote.  Shipping is included in the price of the Sherline Mill.


I accept PayPal “Goods and Services” transactions, will provide you with a shipping quote, and will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving a cleared payment.  Before any money changes hands, we will ensure we are both comfortable with our transaction and the details are clearly discussed.  I will regularly check for PMs during evenings while this post is active, update this post when items are either pending sale or sold, and provide photos of the listed items via PM.


Thank you for your interest!




Sale Pending:  Sherline Deluxe 5400 Mill – INCHES – LOADED with Accessories and Digital Readout (DRO)


$1500.00, USPS Ground Shipping Included (which is approx. $125)


If you’ve been considering purchasing a Sherline Mill, this is an excellent deal.  I barely used the Mill before I lost my daughter, and the setup I’m offering sells new for $2,715.  I have included Sherline, along with Starrett and Proxxon accessories pricing, and references so that if you like, you can validate my pricing statement online. 


The Mill is loaded with nice features and accessories for ship modeling.  The mill has an extended height, rotating, column with oiler; an extended length table (bed), includes a horizonal mounting base so that you can mill either vertically or horizontally, and has 10,000 rpm pulleys to help mill small wooden pieces.  I purposely did not purchase a Sherline 8 direction mill because they are much more difficult to tram, and the 360-rotating vise is a nice accessory that, in my opinion, works well for rotating work pieces.


The only issues with the Mill is some minor scuffing on the motor head, a couple of small scratches on the mill bed, and there is some pixilation at the right corner of the DRO readout that doesn’t impact readouts.  Most of other items with the Mill are new and have never been used.


The box it will ship in is large:  29” l x 17” w x 15” h and weighs almost 62 pounds.  It will ship USPS ground with both insurance and signature confirmation.  I packed the box well:  The sides, bottom, and top are lined with 1” Styrofoam, all the parts are well bubbled wrapped, and the box is filled with packing peanuts and packing paper.


Deluxe Sherline Mill Package A with DRO - Inches, P/N 5400A – ($1,457.00)


Included Deluxe Accessory Package A:


Sherline P/N        3551:  Mill Vise ($78.75)

Sherline P/N        3072:  Jacobs Chuck 0 to 1/4” ($57.75)

Sherline P/N        3013:  SS Hold Down Set ($42.00)

Sherline P/N        3021:  Set of Center Drills ($17.00)

Sherline P/N        3052:  Fly cutter ($36.75)

Sherline P/N        3060:  3 Collet Set with Draw Bar ($47.25)

Sherline P/N        7303:  3/8” End Mill Holder ($31.50)

Sherline P/N        7401:  3/8” End Mill Set (4 flute I think, $57.75)


Additional Included Accessories:


Sherline P/N      45260:  15” Extended Mill Column ($94.50)

Sherline P/N      54182:  18” Extended Mill Table ($194.25)

Sherline P/N        3570:  Rotating Mill Vise Base ($105.00)

Sherline P/N      50056:  Rigid Column Base, Tall ($78.75)

Sherline P/N        3500:  Rotary Column Attachment ($84.00)

Sherline P/N        6100:  Horizonal Milling Conversion ($136.50)

Sherline P/N        4335:  10,000 RPM Pulley Attachment ($84.00)

Sherline P/N        1299:  Extended Headstock Spacer ($63.00)

Sherline P/N        1012:  Sensitive Drill Attachment ($115.50)

Sherline P/N        1069:  Jacobs Chuck 1/32” to 3/8” with 2 Arbors ($68.25)

Sherline P/N        3065:  Slitting Saw Holder ($42.00)

Sherline P/N        7307:  0.045” x 2” dia. 110 slitting saw blade ($14.75)

Sherline P/N        7303:  0.032” x 2” dia. 110 slitting saw blade ($10.50)

Sherline P/N 40177OL:  Mill Z-Axis Saddle Nut with Oiler ($31.00)

Sherline P/N        3021:  1 extra set of Center Drills ($17.00)

Sherline P/N      61050:  These are the original column blocks


Starrett P/N         S828:  Center Finder (Amazon $70.00)

Starrett P/N      827MB:  Edge Finder, Double End (Amazon $36.00)


Proxxon P/N 28940:  Collet Set - 1/32, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, and 1/8” (Amazon $14.00)


4 Additional End Mills – don’t recall sizes or brand(s)


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Whilst I'm one of the overseas members I just wanted to say that I'm shocked at the loss of your daughter in any way but in those circumstances I can only say that I cannot comprehend what you must have and still are trying to deal with but wish to extend my condolences to you and your family. My Daughter was living three blocks from the terrorist attack in London and I know how I was feeling at that time and that my feelings could only be a fraction of what you have had to endure. Pete

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Thank you so much for your kindness--it's very much appreciated, Pete!  It's been incredibly difficult; we're still dealing with all the court stuff, which I'll be glad and relieved once it has ended.  I'm so glad your daughter is safe and well--after things like that, I know you and yours must have hugged and held her close.  Again my friend, thank you. :-) 

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Sorry to hear about your loss. I cannot imagine what you had and have to go through, but I would like to wish you and your family lots of strenght to deal with it.


I find this a bit awkuard, but I am interestred in the table saw. Are you willing ship to Europe (Netherlands) and if so what will the cost be?




"Desperate affairs require desperate measures." Lord Nelson
Search and you might find a log ...


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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, as a father myself, I cannot imagine the horrible pain you have gone through. One can only be strong and hold tightly onto your memories.

 If at the end of your sale and you are able to ship to Canada, I would be very interested in the Antscherl - "Fully framed Model" series if they are still availible.


Take Care

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It chokes me up to hear of your tragedy. I can only image your grief and sense of loss. Having had similar tragedy in our family I am extending to you heartfelt wishes for some element of healing. It takes an incredible effort and time  to push on.


My daughter lost her very young husband last year about this time and then lost her job in June. My heart is broken as I watch the struggle as her and the children keep on "keeping on". I still can't find the words and wisdom to help her effectively. That weighs/haunts me. They say life is for the living. I find that somewhat hollow when I reflect on it. I have lost so many friends and family in the past 2 years. Each one has been a loss. As John Donne said "if a piece of the continent is washed away by the sea Europe is the less...I am the less for I am involved in mankind" (paraphrased).


Having said this I wish to buy your Byrnes disc sander if available. I hate adding this given the circumstances!!!!!!





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I too am very sorry for your lose. My daughter was just involved in an active shooter event at a NH hospital and it was stressful enough that I can't imagine what you went through. Do what you have to do though.


That said, I am interested in the rope walk if it is still available.



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First let me say how saddened I am by your loss...my family's thoughts and prayers will be with you as you continue to deal with the loss of your daughter.


I see others have expressed interest in the 2 Disc Sander and #3 Thickness Sander.  If either of those deals falls through I am willing to commit to purchase of both.


I would also like to purchase your #20.  Steel, “Elements and Practice of Naval Architecture,” facsimile of 1st 1805 edition....I will send you a PM to confirm purchase commitment of this book.


Best Regards,



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Cliff Ward

Cary, North Carolina


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Wow, thank you all both here in the thread and in PMs for the kindness you've expressed.  I am very touched and my words here come nowhere near capturing my feelings for what you have shared with me.  Beyond ships and models, it is the human element and humanity of this forum that have always made MSW a wonderful community. 


My apologies for not getting this post up a bit sooner--wanted to get everyone taken care who reached out.  I've made lists of who contacted me first both within the thread and here to honor my commitment to be fair about first come.  If things shift with those who expressed interest in items in my list, I'll be sure to reach out to those next in line.  Carl, Don, Joe, and Cliff thank you for your interest and offers--want to let you know offers came in before yours and I'm sorry that the items you were seeking are no longer available.


I also want to thank everyone who has expressed interest in the list--holy cow, I didn't expect the responses...thank you!



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I'm saddened by this.   Loss is something most of us have no idea how to deal with and your's is the worst kind.  I hope and pray that you have family and friends surrounding you and that healing will happen.   

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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Mark, thank you very much.  By far, this has been my most difficult life experience...some days and moments are better than others.  The support my family has received from our communities of friends has blown us all away...so much kindness and love from the initial days to now has been beyond incredible.  The heart given by all those folks, and here as well, is a potent reminder and place of healing for me and my family:  Most people in the world are intrinsically kind, decent, and good. 

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