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Thank you very much mtaylor, thanks everyone for like..:imNotWorthy:


On 4/4/2020 at 10:15 AM, Ondras71 said:

Thank you Tigersteve.:) I used a 1.1 mm Proxxon blade, but it is thick. Waiting for 1 mm. So far it has been a system test.⚒️ O.


Continuation of work on gretings with 1 mm thick saw blade ..💣💥











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7 hours ago, Tigersteve said:

Looks like this blade worked for you as well. Was this another Proxxon blade? I am going to have to make gratings at some point soon. I do have the 1.1mm blade from Proxxon as well, but I have to make a jig for creating the gratings first. 

I did not find a 1 mm saw blade at Proxxon. I got a saw blade from a friend, probably in the former DDR .. Its center is 16 mm, filled with ring 10/16.

The preparation is made of waste, the work took a very short time. Ondras

5 hours ago, Backer said:

As always,

Great work Ondras

Thank you, Patrick:rolleyes:

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I created frames gratings for the main deck..





I'm starting to lay the deck. There are thicker "binding strake" boards around the gratings. I want to make these from wood contrasting with the deck.

I took the liberty of addressing Ab Hoving with the question: May I use the layout of strake boards on the main deck according to his reconstruction of the "WITSEN" pinase? The boards in question are the ones on the sides of the gratings and also the boards closer to the center of the deck around the masts and equipment?


Laying the planks of the main deck I will do according to the replica Duyfken ..






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On 6/1/2020 at 3:27 PM, Barbossa said:

Hi Ondras,


Outstanding job on the deck. I understand you used maple strips. Do they allow a clean cut when you need to narrow them?

As I'm looking for alternatives for boxwood but nonetheless good quality.

Hello Barbossa. Maple wood has an ideal hardness, it is well cut and sanded, it holds the edge.💣

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On 6/3/2020 at 7:50 AM, Barbossa said:

Hello Ondras,


Received loud and clear 🙂

So let's order some maple strips this evening.



Thank you Barbossa. Maple strips were overhead ..:default_wallbash:


I finished the deck planks. I'm just sorry half will be hidden, including hooking..:unsure:






Next will be grinding ..



Main deck..





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