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18th Century Longboat by mahjong25 - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 1:48

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Took a long time to decide on a first build, finally picked the 18th Century Longboat from Model Shipway. Spent the first day sanding the burnt sections off the pieces, assembling the Keel and creating the bevel from the bearding line. I also followed BobF's direction to mount my ship with brass rods. 







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I continued on and carefully glued on each bulkhead. I marked the center of each bulkhead so I can visualize the placement and also made sure they were perpendicular to the keel as well. I used wood glue for this section to give me a little more time to adjust the placement as needed. Then I beveled all the bulkheads so my planks will have a even surface to adhere to. This took a while to complete.



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Took a long break from posting but I'm back. Since last time, I have completed planking the boat and I am currently sanding the inside to prepare for the cap rails. This is my first time planking and I definitely need to work on the curvature of my bending. I made such sharp bends that it was hard to compensate for when I started moving up. Able to finish it but good lesson learned. 











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Hello mahjong25

Its looking pretty good so far , the planking on this boat is tricky. After you fare the hull u can use a mixture of the sawdust and a 50/50 water glue mix to help with gaps in planking ad resand . Make sure to get the char off the inside the hull it wont pay nice with your  finish.looking forward to seeing it progress


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I have been away on several trips, but I am back with an update on my progress. I have put on my caprails and the molding as well. I've prepared the friezes and will wait to install them later to avoid damaging them. I've also put Polyurethane on my boat then painted. Then I continued onto the floorboards, and the 2 platforms. I also bend the risers but have yet to install them. 




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I fixed the caprail and glued on the knee. I also put in the mast bracket and installed the belay pins. Next I had to problem solve the dilemma of the windlass. I couldn't figure out a way to make perfect square holes, so I just drilled the the approximate size and cut the corners out with an Xacto knife. Had some trouble installing it but was finally able to do it. 




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I painted and glued on the knees and it is time to work on the rudder. I cleaned it up then realized I finally have to place the frieze, especially on the transom. I printed out the PDF from Chuck's revision and gave it a couple thin coats of hair spray for protection. Then I cut it out and use some adhesive spray to place it on the boat. I taped a cutout of the transom frieze on so I could paint around it. Then I completed the metalwork on the rudder with gudgeon and pintle. I also shaped the handle. Before I can continue, I have to figure out the best way to draw the waterline on the boat.










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I took a hiatus after being frustrated with my power drill/lathe set up to taper the mast. I just avoided the project and came back to it recently. I ended up tapering the mast by hand which was a lot easier. Making the bands and drilling them broke 2 of my smallest bits but I was able to complete it. I , glued it onto the mast, made the ball truck and mast step, and then painted it. Now I will read up on how to seize blocks and continue on.





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I continued by seizing the blocks. I purchased some new rigging line and blocks for this sections because the ones that came with the kit were not great quality. I am really happy with the way it looks on the mast. Then I shaped, glued and painted the bowsprit on. I am really happy with the way it looks and I will finalize and glue the mast one so I can continue. 





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