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Greetings everyone;


Can anyone point me to a good source for the scantlings of the stern timbers in a 74 gun ship,  built in the first half of the 1780s. 


I can find an entry in a contract I have which specifies that the counter timbers should be 10" sided,  but no other dimensions are given.  Goodwin,  rather frustratingly,  gives a range of fractions to multiply parts of the stern by to obtain other parts,  but he does not give a starting dimension to which I can apply these factors to begin the process.


The establishment lists do not mention them either,  as far as I can determine.


I could guess at them being the same as a toptimber,  or fourth futtock perhaps,  but that has no basis in fact.


All the best,


Mark P

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Thanks Wayne;


They might be.  I don't have this book,  as I have (or thought I had) a complete list of scantlings for both the vessels I am currently working on.  Only realised there's a bit of a gap when I reached the stern timbers.


I have found everything I need in Steel's 'Vade Mecum',  of which I have a pdf copy I downloaded from the Bodleian Library in Oxford (which incidentally,  is a much better copy than Google's own one)


Although he is a bit later,  I think that his lists are based on earlier practices,  and I can use his scantlings for a 74's stern without worry.


All the best,


Mark P

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