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Confederacy Problem


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First, Administrators, if this is the wrong forum, sorry.

I am building the ME Confederacy. The main wales are painted and I am getting ready to paint the area above the channel wales. The gun ports appear to be reasonably shaped and positioned when viewed from the outside.

Now comes my problem. I remembered testing the stern chasers on the Syren to make sure they would be positioned in the ports correctly. I tried the same technique on the Confederacy and with the decking laid down the guns will not sufficiently clear the port sills. I built a kit gun carriage using the after market brass cannon and that has even less clearance.

Short of blowing the project up (I won't do that anyway) I seem to have a choice of lowering the sills or laying a second false deck to raise the final deck level. I don't know if that would throw the quarterdeck and focsle off.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions that you can offer.

Thanks, Harley

Cheers, Harley<p 



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