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Friesland 1663 by zappto - FINISHED - Mamoli - 1:75 - Dutch 80 gun ship

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Hello, this is my galleon ship construction. It is my second ship build. I will share photos of the build, hope you will like.



The highly ornate Friesland dates from about 1663, when she was launched as part of the fleet of the "Seven Provinces" of the Netherlands. As part of the allied Aglo-French fleet, she took part in the Battle of Solobay in 1672.


Mamoli's double plank-on-bulkhead kit, based on reliable Dutch documentation, features 80 turned brass cannon and over 50 gilded metal ornaments. The model is a magnificent replica, complete with authentic deck detail. Cast zinc frames ensure proper squaring and alignment of gun ports, while remaining hidden from view. Silk-screened flags and cotton rigging line reflect the rig plan of the original. Thirteen sheets of plans and step-by-step instructions allow you to build an extraordinary showpiece.


Advanced Level


Mamoli Kit No. MV24


Length 31"/Height 28"/Scale 1:75 
Few photos of the box and inside the box.


















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Thank you for likes!

Having fun fittings gun ports, i think i will use stock gun ports for the main deck, they look not too bad,  will paint them black later. I used wood filler for the hull, later sanded it all, it helps to make shape look nice! Work goes on.





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Hello, i was searching info of Friesland, found it is based on real ship which existed - Hohenzollern model which was of a dutch 17th century 2 decker. This is one photo i found of this ship model. I am still in search of photo real ship, which was destroyed on WWII.





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IMG_0240.PNG.155e0060fbde130f49867386ba70d378.PNGThere is quite a lotoffotographic evidence onthis model.

try to get hold of a book by Heinrich Winter, titled:  hollaendische Zweidecker 1660/70' (make sure you dont pay too much, and that the drawings are included)


and have a look at a tread here in msw where Peter is working on a model in1:1 of the original model of the model (not the ship itself:) ), look for hohenzollernmodel, and you'll find it somewhere in the scratchbuild section of the forum



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Yes, i find out full windows set looks much better, found this on your ship log! Today placed first deck gun carriages which are  under the second deck. I am still not sure if it is necessary to paint in red gun holes. Now working on the second deck planking. Few photos of my work.





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Hi all, working on the third deck. I am making ship according to the plans, all measures from the plans, it is not the easies thing, all build describe is not very accurate. Today noticed, third deck gun holes goes forward and the deck do not cover them correctly. Added few planks to the deck. Few photos of my work.










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Thank you Scott. Good to hear your shipyard works again. I am finishing third deck planking and grating. Today got small pico leds 9V and was trying to create small lantern. I want to place them near the masts to create some light on the deck. 












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I remember this step. Yes it is extremely hard wood. Same as the wood blocks under the transom. Looking great with the lights. Your kit is somewhat different. My ships boats are made of white metal and your lanterns are pre made? You had blue plastic  windows where mine were green plastic.  Very interesting the differences from kit to kit.


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Thank you for likes! It is vintage kit, i got it already started, i got bulkheads already put together, was all dusty and started ages ago, sow it is 1978 years kit. Lantern glass was already glued as you can see in the photo. But i think it is not short of wood, i hope so! Though wood is very old and split very easy, i keep it in watter before bending.

Working on the roof windows, made it scratch build, because given wood piece was too hard to drill it nicely.

Few photos.







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