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Bismarck by Semorebutts - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/200 scale - with MK1 detail set

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7 hours ago, semorebutts said:

o close out this build I  I wanted a better camera than my iPhone. unfortunately I had no luck so here are photos of my finished Bismarck with my camera phone, crappy lighting and terrible background.  

Also I don’t know how to put the word “finished” in the title of this build log...😕

Well dispite your poor camera, crappy lighting, and terrible background, you've got a great model. Well done. I will certainly follow your endeavours on your next build

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5 hours ago, semorebutts said:

Its hard not to... fine im not bad. 

Semore, from here the only difference I can see between your model and some other highly-rated ones is that yours has perhaps slightly less weathering, but your crisp painting and neat metal work looks right up there to me.

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5 hours ago, semorebutts said:

Thank you everyone!

ccoyle - i agree about the weathering. It scares me when I think about it. I ‘am working on a 1/35 israeli tank when im not working on the MO.  I think I am going to practice weathering on the tank to see how it turns out. Especially rust.  

Pop that tank into here and you should get some advice and help if you want:  https://modelshipworld.com/forum/73-non-shipcategorised-builds/

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I am thinking about buying this kit but am a mite confused as to which detailing set(s) I will need to buy to improve it. I have been onto the Pontos site but they do not give much detail as to what is contained in each upgrade kit. Could you please advise as to which upgrades to buy? Thanks.

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Hi there Semore!


Holy.. Damn.. ****!

I stumbeld across this thread yesterday.. And i binge-read the whole thing! (Well, kinda, as a sailor i don't have 4G phone connection all the time)


But what a build! Awesome, just awesome. All the details and tiny work you've done! Amazing!


I've build a 1/350 Bismarck when I was a kid (12 y/o tops). But the vessel has not survived and was looking to build this kit of yours as well! But sinds it had been quite some time building a model i'm starting with a tamiya Nissan Primera P10e JTCC. And hope i have 25% of the skills you have and proceed to the Bismarck afterwards!


H/T for this build! Enjoyed reading and seeing the whole thing come together!


Greetings from the Netherlands (Well actually from the North Sea atm)



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1 hour ago, KenE said:

Hello Semore


Love your work, sometime ago you mentioned following a blog on Flory’s site. I’m also a member of his but can’t find the blog and/or build on Bismarck that you’re talking about? Help.



The Bismarck Log on Flory's Model has been taken down. You may be able to access it if you become a Flory's member..... or you may try writing to Flory's and see if he can send you a copy.



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