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Fair American by 2Beers - Model Shipways

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Ive Started the "Fair American". And.. Not Far into the build I'm running into Some problems and Lots of questions.

Search results brings up four builds.

From what I can tell ...not one is alike on construction. Their for not helping with the dilemmas much ahahahaa.

Is it possible the kit keeps being Refined by maker ???


Here is my current progress.

Right off the bat I made a new Bottom Keel piece as shown. Kit was short by 1/4 inch. Hope this was correct...lol.. Just used scrap from the original Plywood.

The rest went pretty smooth till the front Bulk head. Here I opted to change it. It required a bit more work and cutting/ carving. But I thought it was a bit better then just adding the timber and knight head stanchions.

All advice very appreciaded..Thoughts so far ?





IMG_0481 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0479 (640x480).jpg



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This brings us to the Stern Framing and filler blocks.

I have the rear filler blocks cut and ready to be attached and shaped.

I also jumped ahead with rear planking.

Needing some more shaping, but the plans I feel get pretty vague here.

I wanted to add strength to the strips you need to add to the 3/32 pieces.

Afraid of bumping and banging..then break them off.




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Thanks guys.

Reference is very appreciated. Thank you Tim.

I already messed up on rear window location looks like..LOL..


Thanks John.

Vice has age no doubts. Was on the bench still when I moved into my current older house.

It's seen a lot of use from me. Even hand formed copper panels of a 1/10 scale Model T.

Tools are always a plus.

My current skill sets. Completely scratch built less wheels and tires.


IMG_0240 (640x480) - Copy.jpg

IMG_0243 (640x480).jpg

IMG_0182 (640x480) (600x450).jpg

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Back On topic..

I think I got rear window area fixed.

A little trimming of bottom plank and added a new piece.

Please excuse my terminology and ignorance of this stuff guys.. Lots to learn .....But I'm loving the challenge of it all.

On to more sanding.

Feel as If I'm winging it, This may end up as my interpretation of the model although I want it as correct as possible.

Bare with me.






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