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Hi guys I'm building the amati adventure the plans are hard and not in English .i had to translate what there is.beleive me the plans are not great in my opinion it shows the rigging up top but doesn't tell where they go just an arrow .all in all i love the ship and the materials. For my next build I'm thinking of the occre san illdefonso but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it comes with English step by step colour plans thanks guys if you can help now back to the adventure.


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I'm building Ochre's Dos Amigos and the instructions are in English...but they are pretty brief. Also, the visual directions are in color. You can contact Occre....they seem very customer friendly. I lost my parts list, and they responded to my request for another in a very timely manner.

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Any other opinions about Occre? While I am working on my Amati Santa Maria I always search for my next model. At this point I lean towards a big Spanish ship of the line... Maybe the Santissima Trinidad :rolleyes:. However I do not know much about Occre but they seem to be the only to deliver big Spanish ships. One concern for me are the instructions. I am a beginner and while I tend to learn fast, I would be more comfortable with some fairly clear and detailed instructions. Some of the smaller Occre kits have poor instructions...

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Occre was formed by former employees of Artisana Latina when the owner of AL moved his operations to Vietnam.  The linage shows in the types of woods and designs.   As I understand it, they do have some good instructions but I suggest you check out the Occre builds in the Kit Log area.   There's a searchable index here: 


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I have the santisima trinidad kit on the shelf.  The plans seem comprehensive full scale with part numbers 8542EB7D-0423-4B11-85E8-2E085F84E002.thumb.jpeg.f751799470b0ba3b7c955f0807b805b9.jpeg.  The instructions are in the form of a pictorial step-by-step (in colour)


30381DFC-9595-4047-B5F7-8EACCBD8C357.thumb.jpeg.0b2aa243de5889e105c5b8b48305e4e8.jpeg04736F90-5924-4145-8F79-27D373E08F74.thumb.jpeg.b91dd2fa95c5dd8aeca162804ec7c1cd.jpegand a 3 page English instruction keyed to the photos.  



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I built OcCre's Apostol Felipe some ten years back. They had translations in four languages, but the information was quite scant. Seeing Heronguy's posting above, it looks like they have improved their game. For the most part, I followed the photographic guide, ticking off each step as I went.

All in all, it was a great kit that turned out to be a great model. I'd definitely recommend them.

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I`m currently working on the Nuestra Senora - the instructions are brief,but adequate to go along with the many color pictures. My biggest issue is the wood - the plywood tends to de-laminate if sanded or filed the wrong direction & most of the plywood is warped to some degree - the deck planking is so bad it is unusable. In spite of that it`s still not a bad kit,just needs a bit of extra work. Don`t know why the plywood is warped - most of the plywood sheets were sealed in shrink wrap,so weather or humidity should not have affected it.



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My first and only kit is the Amati Santa Maria but I had no issues with the planking strips. However the second planking strips are very sensible as they are very thin and tend to scratch on the horizontal. This makes the cutting process very difficult. However, I did not encountered warped strips...

The problem with Amati as far as I am concerned is the lack of more detailed instructions...At least for me. However, I noticed that the Victory line is much better in this regard.

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Do the Occre instructions for their Spanish warships that actually have a curved front deck area indicate whether to joggle?


Do the instructions show spirketting on the inner bulwarks?


TYVM in advance!


I picked up the Occre Spanish frigate Diana kit.  It does not joggle.  I then contacted Occre and they eventually responded that Spanish ships used joggling; the kit was simplified.  There is a glorious scratch build by someone in Spain on this forum where he uses conventional joggling for the upper deck and Dutch ends (Per Zu Mondfeld) on the deck with the main armaments that is open to the sky in the middle.  IDK why he did the two differently, but do not assume it would be correct.  I am going to believe Occre on this but I simply do not see it in historic Spanish models.


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Gidday everyone,

I am jumping into the thread a tad late.

Currently I am building the OcCre Apostol Felipe Galleon,( No build log as I am currently without camera).

A couple of observations,

If I could source a similar wood for a reasonable cost I would replace the deck planking material for a more consistent product.

The instructions, as in  a lot of kits, leave a lot to be desired. Having said that I believe one should read through the instructions and plans to gain an understanding of construction. 

The quality of the laser cut parts and fitment is very good.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.


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