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Santisima Trinidad boat davits

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Hi all,Dusty here, I'm building the Santisima Trinidad and I am trying to find decent pics or drawings of the poop davits for the small boats, can anyone out there help, I've been searching the web but can't seem to find much. Any help would be appreciated.. 

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I found pictures of a diorama in a Spanish museum, it shows the "Trini" with boats hanging from the port and starboard side of the poop, Unfortunately trying to blow them up to show detail renders them so fuzzy as to be undecipherable. I could post the pic if you don't think I would be violating someones copyright. 

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Sorry Dusty but not having seen evidence of the ST with Quarter davits I can't really help. However such davits were simple affairs, baulks of timber extending clear of the ship side and fitted in the area of the Mizen channels. Each davit would be fixed between lugs attached to the ships side, in which it could pivot, and would be supported by topping lifts.


If you wanted to add them to your model, in the absence of any other evidence, you could do worse than  copy the arrangement on HMS Victory.





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