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Ship paintings


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On 5/19/2021 at 7:03 PM, Vegaskip said:

Mersey Return759A1966-8FF4-4371-9FE1-83336A8D0C73.thumb.png.3ec962474c543de252e7f712190450fe.png37944897-C338-4C94-A50D-D17B5665A100.thumb.png.02d7e7a88301a196f3b37fb6b835e029.png

Two Flowers and an HDML

W/C 14" X 10"AC17B2B8-0C25-40EF-8BDD-AAEB5B45E6B0.thumb.png.db18e40741b4618dadf311a1d879133e.png0A29EF93-A684-4DDB-BA66-E31B65465828.thumb.jpeg.d8618ccd19d38cadd5d871fa321a1e39.jpeg606F061A-9806-4ED6-9DDA-48191F3EE982.jpeg.9f8d87b4826eda2fb48a2912594a3072.jpeg

It's as if you were there!  This was only half a mile from where I used to live.  When the tall ships came to visit this was the entrance they used.

Really enjoy your paintings!


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I hope that the skiff is going to be restored.  Although my sea time was very limited;  An 8 week Midshipman Cruise, it was on a small ship, a minesweeper deployed in Japanese coastal waters.  Few people realize how important these small boats were to the life of the crews on these small ships.  They were our communication to the outside world- movies, mail, etc.

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