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Generic Ship in a bottle by qwerty2008 - BOTTLE - Finished

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I will re-title when I find out which ship I am going to build. I found this cheapo ship in a bottle and am planning on making a new ship for the bottle. after I took these pictures I noticed a cut in the base of the bottle where the original builder cut the bottle open then placed the whole model inside, what should I do to hide this when I an done with the model?

post-1993-0-51684500-1365789407_thumb.jpg Note the rope covering the cut.




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I got the bottle open and removed the old ship then I got some tools together including several pairs of tweezers, several razor knifes, several magnifiers, several needle files, two curved rods for manipulating the model inside the bottle and a wood blank for the hull. Next I will glue the bottle back together then start on the model.







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I have glued the bottom back to the bottle and started on the model which is a generic early ship of the line. so far I have made the hull and the mast and some (just enough to be able to assemble in the bottle) of the rigging. I still need to make the yards, the sails, the trim, paint the hull and finish the rigging.



post-1993-0-30534600-1365807430_thumb.jpg Test fit. Yep it fits :D

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I have finished the model it came out terrible but it is ok considering that I built it in less than one day. Also I managed to get it in without opening the bottom of the bottle. I noticed two things wrong after I got it in the bottle 1 There was no way to attach it to the clay 2 I forgot to make anchors.


How did I get it in the bottle? The hull was to tall to fit in the hull so I made the aft structure removable to where once you get it in the bottle I simply snap the two pieces together. then using tweezers I fit all three of the mast into position. then tighten the rigging and add a drop of glue to secure the lines.


Maby latter on down the road I will revisit this project and make a new ship.

post-1993-0-37561700-1365823120_thumb.jpg  After I got it in the bottle and got the first two mast in place.

post-1993-0-13705500-1365823135_thumb.jpg After I got all three mast in place.

post-1993-0-47468600-1365823151_thumb.jpg Trying to push the model into the clay.

post-1993-0-08858900-1365823168_thumb.jpg Almost there.

post-1993-0-77803900-1365823188_thumb.jpg Done.



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I can't believe some one cut open the bottle and glued it back together.  That's totally cheating!  Great work on the cover up though.  My only fear would be that they would think that's how you got your ship in there.  Great work on the split hull.  You can't see where it splits until you point it out which is exactly what you want.  I totally like the new ship better then the old one.  Good work.  


I think this is a great start I would leave this SIB as is.  If your going to revisit this I say start a new ship altogether.  I always suggest starting with teriyaki bottles you get at the grocery store.  The opening is nice and wide so there's room for error and the inside of the bottle is a good size as well.  Should look something like this. 



If you do start another make sure to have a build log.  I would love to follow your work.  

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Daniel it was your builds that got me wanting to make this ship in a bottle. This one didn't turn out so well but if I make more I will get better and put more time into them. although I can never hope to get as good as you because I make so many different things RC boats, scale RC ships, model wagons, hobby rockets, model guns, knifes, Sketchup models, I've even made bird aviaries. The phrase "jack of all trades master of none" fits me well especially the "master of none" part. I seem to do better on the the spur of the moment models such as the concept model for my next RC build after the Byzantium is finished, the two star trek themed rockets that I built and a model or a darlek from doctor Who made from a micro torch and some foamboard.

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Wow that is a long list.  I will probably enlist your help on an RC ship I'm working on.  I need to get a log up for it but I'm trying to finish a few requests first.  That is a long list.  You certainly keep busy.  If you ever you get back to SIB building post a log I'd love to follow your progress.  I think you would pick up on it pretty quick.  I've only been doing this a year and a half your sure to catch up to me.  

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