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Hr. Ms. O16 by cog - Pacific CrossRoads - 1:350 - Resin & PE

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I have been working on and of this kit. For the content of the box and another build of this same kit I refer you to Piet's marvelous build of this same submarine.


I have replaced a few parts in the box: Most of the PE as that was to crude to my taste, and I since I had redundant PE from Musashi, I have used some of that. Whilst sanding the hull, I broke the bollards, so I had some replacing to do, rather easy ... just drill a few 0.2 mmm holes and insert some brass rod, in the end I replaced them all ...




Added Primer



First paint layers



A wee bit more work ...




(The copy right  notice has been added programatically so it does sometimes "interfere" with the view)

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Glad to see you are tackling the O16. She's looking really good Carl, nice work.  I'm surprised that you had PE problems, I managed to use what was with the kit, except Boris did not include the periscopes and antenna mast, I made them from bamboo. I decided to paint mine in battle grey as she was on her last war patrol. Your choice of colors is before the hostilities started, nice break from the mundane. Is that copper color on the lower part of the hull?



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Aye, Piet. Thanks for visiting. 't-was about time I did something else with PE ;) I didn't have so much PE problems as that I found it to course. besides I have so much spares I could replace it with, in my eyes, better suited parts. My periscopes are brass, with a brass ring and a dot of CA on top. I see enough battle grey  ... I craved for a wee bit a colour, so that colour selection was easy. The bottom is a mixture of red (clear) and IJN hull red. On the picture you could see it as darkened copper. It'll probably be different once I put the clear layer on top of it. First the conning tower and rigging.



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Thanks Pat, your comments, suggestions are always much apreciated.


A pipe stand ... Well, I have to admit, it does offer some worthwhile perspective ... Would you have a certain wood species in mind ... American Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Pear ... I am, though, still looking for the mouth piece, and the bowl to put the tobacco in ... I wouldn;'t want to put it in the stand upside down ...

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