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Tackles With Lots of Rope In Between


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Getting to the running rigging on my current build and having a problem. Lots of the rigging, braces for instance, have a block at each end with 4"-5" of rope in between. I'm getting a lot of these twisted up and have not come up with a good way to prevent it (or fix it).


Any ideas would be appreciated.


BTW - most of the rope I use is from Syren, not the kit stuff.

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Do it like is done on full size Block and Tackle, make your turns through the sheaves in the same direction as the lay of the rope after uncoiling and laying it out straight without twisting or kinks. Will still want to twist so put it under strain and leave it for enough time to train it, fibers will adjust themselves that way. Someone will probably be saying to soak in diluted glue when in position, secure it there until watered down glue drys.


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Hi Mike, as per Jud and I tend to rig mine off the model first using the vertical (adjustable) part of my rigging station shown below.  i adjust this to the right distance apart (just longer than needed), clip the hooks into the alligator clamps (with both block facing the same way - end on or side on) and rig it here before transferring to the ship.  If two single blocks, start with the rigging line attached to the heel of the upper block, run to bottom block threading from front to back, up to the top block threading back to front then down to the bottom block.  Cut the running end allowing enough to form several loops or coils after belaying.  Use a micro clip (see other photo - available from electronics stores) to temp hold the running end to the other parts of the tackle lines.  The trick is to ensure you do not twist this setup during transfer :) 


This station (rigging crab) is based on one designed by the late Hubert Sicard (Wooden Ship Modelling for Dummies).






I hope that helps?

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Slightly off-topic: Pat, I gather this black thingies are Pomona™ micro-grabbers ? They look very useful. Just checked on the Internet and I could get ten for USD 20 plus shipping and handling of USD 23 :o. Somehow I don't understand how the Chinese can sell a pack of ten similar 'grabbers' at € 1.35 with shipping included:




OK, the US American ones look more upmarket ... sorry for the USA economy, but the hobby budget is limited.



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Hi Eberhard, thanks for your comments, and yep they come in various guises and brands.  I have three different sizes with the larger ones used for shrouds and the like.  Not sure of the brand name of mine but they were relatively cheap to acquire from the local electronics store - I think the smaller ones are used for testing circuit boards and the like.  Sure are a lot cheaper on eBay :).





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