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Band Clamps

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Has anyone found band clamps helpful in their modeling?  They seem primarily used for picture frames and boxes.  I continue to have trouble clamping some of the compound planking curves, particularly at the bow and stern.  seems like a band clamp my help if it is not too heavy weight.  I have not been building the more complex old sailing ships but more of the modern boats.

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The mechanical point about the band-clamps (if you are referring to device that consits of four angles around which a string is lead and tigthened) that the resulting vector of force points to the centre of the workpiece, i.e. it pulls a frame or the side of a box together and also ensures that the corners are 90°. Now in the case of planking the question would be: do you see it running along the strake or perpendicular ? Running along the strake would not be useful unless you run the string over some piece of wood that are put perpendicular to the plank, so that you get a downward force. Winding your vessel with a string running perpendicular to the strake, on the other hand, might be useful to keep planks down. However, planks are often bend in two directions, i.e. not only along the strake, but also to follow upward sweeping curves. With just a string the latter might be difficult to achieve.


I frequently use band-clamps in making display cases for models.



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The photos attached show how I clamped some planks in place using rubber bands and some scrap to hold the pressure where it was needed.  I used this method to hold the whetted planks in place while they dried in place and then again when they were glued in place.  The third photo was from my late friend Joel Sanborn (a NRG and MSW member who's greatly missed) showing how he held planks in place while building the same model - the Gunboat Philadelphia kit by MS.  Maybe these will be useful to you.




017 - Joel Sanborns photo 2  DSCN0804.JPG

Kurt Van Dahm






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A band clamp without the corners employed would work the same as rubber bands. It would apply equal pressure around the hull and in some cases would be easier to apply.

You just need to find one small enough to use.



Jim Rogers


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Here's my home-made version of the corner-less band clamp.

A length of 3mm elastic cord ('shock cord'), plus one of those little toggles you get on the neck cords or waist cords  of 'hoodie' type garments.

No need to vandalise your wardrobe to make this.  You can get a pack of 20 of those toggles online, for a few cents.


The toggle will hold a surprising amount of tension, and the band is easier to fit, adjust and remove than a simple elastic band.DSCN0035r.thumb.JPG.77e3f827f350ab24ab1995fee1a5590d.JPG


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