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Guns of History Naval Smoothbore by Osmosis - Finished - Model Shipways - 1:24

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Not much to report tonight. But what little I did get done made my old hands feel like I had done a full days work. I can hardly wait for the day when I have a ship with a couple of hundred of these to do.



All of the blocks are stropped and rigged. I will clean them up and install them tomorrow.


That's it for tonight.

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I ordered the wax from MS. 1 order will last a life time. Once it is waxed I run it over either a light bulb or the warm shield of the workshop light. It doesn't take much heat to melt the wax into the line. I do this will all rigging. I have not yet had a chance to use any of Chuck's line so we will see if I need wax for his rope.

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Well it has been a while but finally had some time to put in a couple of hours of work on this project.


I would like to thank all those who have followed, commented on and liked this thread it is greatly appreciated. Also a special thanks to member robdurant who provided a great photo tour of the HMS Victory. I would encourage anyone who has not seen them to follow the link HMS Victory Photos as they provided most of the detail and ideas for this build.


On to tonight's progress report



Using a scrap piece of bass wood I started rough shaping.



and more hacking



and some sanding



and more shaping



Then some cussing. An hours work on what was shaping up to be a nice powder horn in the scrap pile. I tried to repair it but could not make it line up right so I might try again later.


I decided to go with the rigging in the stowed configuration shown in the photos by robdurant. I thought it was a little different from all the other examples of this kit I have seen.



And I think we can call this one finished. If you are wondering about the "period correct red bucket" follow the link at the beginning of this post.


Again thanks to all and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.





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Thank for all the wonderful comments. I picked up an older AL Bluenose kit off of Ebay for $39.00 a while back so I suppose that will be my next (really my first) "ship" build. But first I just ordered the Hobbyzone building slip so that will have to go together before I can start on the Bluenose.


Thanks again and best regards.



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I'm coming a bit late to this topic, but so happy to find it.  Several comments ...

 - First, this is beautifully documented post, and I so appreciate it.

 - About a year ago I built the companion "Carronade" model.  Actually that was my very first "non-plastic" model, as I was beginning to learn what's involved with wood.  It now sits proudly next to my cut-away model of the USS Constitution.  Later I discovered this Naval Smoothbore and so bought it to join the display.  

- I especially found helpful your treatment of the tool hooks.  That was probably the trickiest step of my carronade model - there is just no tolerance in attaching these.  Your example has gotten me past that hurdle, thanks!

- And some comments about the brass vs cast metal cannon.  My Naval Smoothbore is the cast metal - apparently a cheapening of the model in later kits.  

 - What's really too bad is that Model Shipways did not bother to update the instruction sheet which still shows the process of assembling the trunion through the (brass) barrel, which can't be done since they're cast together; and in fact it makes the instruction for the carriage sides wrong ... one has to anticipate that the trunion cannot be inserted in the later step.

- And - not sure about this - but I think the instruction sheet is cut off from the later steps of the build ... no guidance now for the rigging, etc., which I'm pretty sure existed in the almost-identical instructions for my earlier carrondade. 

Again, I admire and appreciate your build, your photos, and your sharing.


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Corrected "Model Masters" to "Model Shipways"
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Thanks for the kind words. I am very glad that you found my log helpful. That is what this place is all about. I think build logs are the best and easiest way to give back to the community that has given me so much help.


Best Regards

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