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Seen any strange signs lately?


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No pics, but my first favorite sign is in West Virginia.  It reads, "LOST CREEK  4 MILES"   My second favorite is also in Wv. It reads


Vanity plates are also signs :: On a very nice Porsche 911 driven by a beautiful woman::    WAS HIS

 On my college calculus professor's very old Porsche 356 ::   IDERIVE

Pythagoras (Tom)


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11 minutes ago, ah100m said:

I don't know why...

With the pink coloring of the sign it may be breast cancer wigs for women doing Chemo.


I don't have pictures but we just had elections here for all kinds of stuff. While waiting at a stop sign a couple of weeks ago I noted that there was an industrial fence that surrounds the local Boeing factory airport. On that fence they have posted multiple signs telling people not to post signs. They seemed to be about every 20-30 feet along the fence in plain sight. Right in the middle of two of these signs were 30 or more signs posted so they could be seen by the people waiting at the stoplight. All of these signs were for judges, local politicians, taxes for or against this or that, etc! In my area it is illegal to remove campaign signs during an election cycle. It is also illegal to post signs where it is notified on private property. Looks like in this case the politicians won even before the election.  

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