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sequence for attaching deadeyes


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Hi all snowy here building the adventure from amati I'm up to the stage of nearly starting on the masts. I'm wondering if i should tie on the deadeyes ×2 that attach to the channel off the ship or on .Or put the bottom deadeyes on the channel and attach them to the ship and then tie the top deadeyes off later thanks for any advise.

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Hi Snow,


My preference is to attach the bottom deadeyes (closest to channels) as part of fitting the chain plates.  Basically, I attach the deadeye off the ship as part of the total chainplate fixture.  I then attach the bottom end of the chainplates and position each of these in the associated notch in the channels.  Once positioned, I add the edge strip to the channels in a temporary way (no glue)  locking the lower deadeyes in place while you get the rigging of the upper deadeyes sorted.  Do not glue the outer edge strip in place until you are confident there will be no need to replace/refit a chain plate etc.  (I learned the hard way as I snapped several chainplates at weak solder points when doing ratlin and other rigging tasks that put stress on them.).

I fit the upper deadeyes to each shroud leg on the ship having made a jig (a search of this site will show a few different types of jigs) to ensure they will all be level.  Once the upper deadeyes have been secured to the shrouds, I then lash each set in turn with their lanyards, ensuring even tension on each.  It is best to loosely reeve each lanyard, then tighten each incrementally until you have sufficient tension on the shrouds and ensuring each of the deadeyes in the upper rows remain level.

I only temporarily tie off the tails of the lanyards until well into the rigging.  Once all are done and the ratlines etc completed I finally tie them off permanently so that should the inevitable 'accident' occur, you do not have to destroy the lanyard or the shroud in getting it off.


I hope that helps you.





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