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Maritime figures are a bit thin on the ground in Oz, but it might be possible to "bash" wargaming or model railway figures to look right for your purpose. It would also depend on the period you're portraying.


Your 22mm figures would be about 1:83 scale. Railway figures in HO scale (3.5mm=1 foot=1:87) would be just over 21mm tall for a person 6-feet tall, though as I recall, most figures are what they call OO/HO, which is 4mm to the foot (=1:76) so a 6-footer would be be 24mm high. Then there are military figures at 1:72 scale (about 24mm high).


But I did find this link https://www.1001modelkits.com/small-scale-soldiers/16329-hat-industrie-hat8098-british-sailors-and-marines-x-80-figures-and-8-naval-cannons-0696957080983.html?iPage=1 and I'm sure there are others out there if you're prepared to look overseas.




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I don't know if these will fill the bill for you or not.



They are listed as 1/89 scale and are about 20mm tall but at least one is about 21mm and another is only15mm, (Must be a cabin boy). I chose this link only because you can enlarge the picture at least large enough to get an idea of what the figures look like. They are available through a number of vendors at all kinds of prices. A couple of sites are even offering free shipping for Christmas.


Hope this is useful to you.


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