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Syren-Chuck- When will you have your new English Barge kit back in stock?u


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Ahoy Chuck


See that your new kit of the English barge is "out of stock" . When will you have them back in stock to sell? I know there must be high demand for it. Sorry to have missed your posting or site that it was for sale. I need one for sure and maybe two.


Thanks Keith Glueck Troutdale,Oregon-have sent you an email,but have yet to hear back from you,so here I am.

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Hopefully soon.  But I have another hit of bad luck.  My mother in law who lives with us had a stroke yesterday.   Found her on the floor in the bathroom yesterday.  So all production is once again coming to a halt.  Its been and awful year for the family with stuff like this.   So for the next few weeks or so everything is up in air.   I will however be fulfilling and shipping orders as usual or at least as long as the stuff stays in stock.  Not sure when I will be able to get back in the shop to start making stuff again.   When it rains it pours ......sigh.  Sadly, Many of you guys know how this stuff goes.

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2 hours ago, Chuck said:

Sadly, Many of you guys know how this stuff goes.

Yes, we do Chuck.  I buried my Dad this past Monday - died November 9th at age of 102. 


Thoughts and prayers for a good outcome and speedy recovery for your Mother-in-law. Thoughts and prayers to your wife as well.  Take whatever time you need. Family first.

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Sorry to hear that Chuck and Jack.  Take care of family.  We will still be here when you get back.

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Jeez Jack....I am so sorry to hear that.   My condolences.  Heading back out to the hospital right now.....I am hoping for a good outcome.   Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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I'm with the others, Chuck.  May she have a fast and full recovery.  I'm with you on the rain...  

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Prayers Chuck, hope she recovers quickly.


Regards, Harley

Cheers, Harley<p 



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