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Rattlesnake by campbewj - Model Shipways - American Privateer by Bill Campbell

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after a couple of months of on and off again work here are few pictures of the ship.  I've done most of the core painting so that I think I'm pretty good with the overall look.  Much of what I'm working on is to complete enough details on the gun deck so that I'm comfortable putting the focsl deck and quarter deck on.  seems like I've been trying to do this for a long time and concern over forgetting to do something is keeping me from diving in.  Probably for good reason. 

I've just dry fit the masts and bowsprit (not shown in picture) so those should go in smoothly when the time comes. 

Its time to move on to a better stand as I sure don't want to turn the boat over to work on the pedestals after the masts and rigging are in place. 

All this is generating a lot of small side projects that need to get done to move forward. 

1 16 2019 bow.jpg

1 16 2019 full boat.jpg

1 16 2019 hull1.jpg

1 16 2019 hull2.jpg

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I've haven't found a reasonably priced stained wooden stand so I've gone off to create my own.  Home depot sells poplar boards that are pretty reasonable and I've routed the wood to what looks about right to me.   I've got 3-4 stains I'm testing on the remnants of the wood.  I'm honestly not that thrilled with my staining work and I'm holding off on jumping to the real piece.  I've tried putting 4-5 rubbed on coats of stain to try to control how dark it gets and it never seems to get as consistent as I'd like.  If anyone has a some detailed staining instructions to get to a professional like finish, I would really appreciate some detailed how to instructions.  Everything I've found is pretty straightforward, but doesn't give the results I'd like to see.  The color seems fine but just doesn't look like a professional did it.  I have a sample of a kitchen cabinet next to it and it just looks a lot richer.  Any thoughts if that's due to the wood itself, wood prep, the stain, staining technique? 

1 16 2019 pedestal.jpg

1 16 2019 stain samples.jpg

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For staining, begin with a pre stain conditioner. It is clear, but it will create a surface that will absorb the stain evenly with less blotching. You can then stain immediately after. You might consider a clear stain on top of the conditioner just to bring out the wood grain. It would darken the wood slightly, but without much color change. 



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I am also building the MS Rattlesnake but I am a bit behind you, I just finished the gun port framing, I can appreciate the quality of your work, she is looking real nice, your choice of colors is especially good, what brand of paint and what colors did you use, keep up the good work



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I bought the Model Shipways paint package with the kit so for the most part that has been the baseline.  I've spent a lot of time looking at other rattlesnake builds and took the Red Ochre color from several of those builds.   I've also just gone to Michael s crafts from some of the colors when I wasn't wild about what color was shown.  A lot of my color scheme was modeled after Scott Larkins Rattlesnake build.   I had some trouble finding Red Ochre and honestly I'm not as happy with that paint as the others.  The outcome and color is great, it's just thicker and takes more effort to thin.  Others on the site have complained about the Model Shipways paint, I haven't had any issues with it.  this is only model 2 for me, so I'm sure others have much deeper experience.  




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Just shy of a year since my last post.  took a break in the spring and then golf and boating season hit.  Have been doing some work since the fall but haven't been posting.  Attached are a few pictures.  I'm at the stage where most of the deck fixtures have been complete.  I've been taking the approach of using what is in the box rather than trying to custom build things as the work as presenting in the model is daunting enough for build #2.   I've also simplified the gun rigging as the additional lines just didn't look good at my skill level.  hope everyone is having a great new year.


1 18 2020 aft deck.jpg

1 18 2020 Deck details full ship.jpg

1 18 2020 gun deck.jpg

1 18 2020 overhead bow.jpg

1 18 2020 with longboat.jpg

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