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Greetings from Manitoba, Canada


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Hi and thanks for the add to your group. I have been an avid model builder for many years, but am pretty much a newbie when it comes to model ships. I have mainly built model railroad and RC planes in the past, but didn't find them challenging enough to keep me enthused. I have built one model ship in the past. In 1975 I was in a serious motorcycle accident and ended up spending six months in the hospital in traction.  Lying flat on my back I built a Billings Boat Bluenose 11. Ended up spilling a big basin of hot water all over me and in the bed, but have to say was the most fun I ever had building a model. I ended up having to wait to finish it, until I was out of hospital. Couldn't really do any sanding in bed. Now 40 odd years later, I have decided I want another challenge, so I bought another kit from Billings, but after looking at it, decided to put it away for a bit and get something a bit more doable first. Instructions for the Billings boat are very poor to say the least and appears to be a really complicated model(Norske Love), so I purchased a Model Shipways kit that has excellent drawings and instructions(Benjamin Latham). Hope members of the forum will be able to help me out if I get stuck. Looking forward to starting the kit very soon. I am hoping to become an active member of the forum. Thanks, Ron Lundy.

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Welcome Ron! Long ago when I thought it'd be fun to build a wooden ship model I purchased the Norske Love.  Relatively early in the build (if I am recalling correctly after one or two planks) I put the kit away.  It moved with me for a number of years until I finally said ENOUGH and discarded it (in hindsight that was not clever).  20 years after discarding it I decided to start again.  It turns out with a bit of maturity, more time, good instructions, and most importantly a community like MSW, that model ship building is a great pastime!  I'm glad that Billings used to sell the fittings kits separately as it saved me the $s that I didn't have many of in those days.  I sitll fantasize building the Norske Love one of these years.  


I'll keep an eye open for your build log on both your kits.  Enjoy.

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