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How to Rig Hauling Pulleys


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Hi All,

While looking for a "Launching Ways" Display Stand, I came across this sketch called "Arrangement of Tackle for Hauling Ashore", its from a French book "Machines et Inventions", anyway the sketch shows two gangs of 12 pulleys and 6 Capstans.


My question is: How do I rig the two sets of hauling pulleys shown in the sketch?



You Can Never Have Too Many Clamps.......Si


Simon Sapot

Boynton Beach



Reference of Sketch

Max-Plank- Institut Fur Wissenschaftsgeshiche

Max Plank Institute for the History of Science


"Shipbuilding Practice and Ship Design Methods

from Renaissance to the 18th Century


Hauling Tackles.png

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Looks like you secure your line to the movable pulley bar and wind the rope clockwise around the pulleys and on out to the capstans taking the strain clockwise. If you have taken the rope from the the coil properly, twisting will be at a minimum. Suspect the outboard lines and capstans were used to get the hull into position and held on the beach before the blocks were rigged. then used to control direction.

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Looking again at the Haul-out and noticed how the leads to the outboard Capstans was lead to the outboard side, thereby minimizing the angle at the fair-leads. All Capstans turned clockwise except for the one where the duds and do it backwards men, were utilized to their full potential. Do it backward, reminds me of an early adventure I am going to make you suffer through the telling. Photo showing the path of a snack potato, I had grabbed from the spud locker and slipped when getting rid of it, bounced off the overhead director hatch, and clattered around the bridge wings generating some verbal expressions, while I closed the hatch and trained the director back amid ships. That spud being the loyal buddy it had became, unerringly struck the Captain on the head. Had to own up when the repair party was going to be restricted until the guilty came forward, repair party was stationed near the Spud Locker on the 01 level. Didn't injure the Captain and it was laughed off when all found the guilty one and what had happened. Never swiped a snack spud again.5a4d2d0527d14_DIRECTFROMCEARCLICK829.thumb.jpg.e67de55431cf1332a678e1693bc2fafd.jpg

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