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HMS Victory today... a bunch of photos I took.


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Not sure if these will be useful to anyone in the middle of building Victory, but I visited today and took a bunch of photos... you can find them here...

Flickr photo album


I'm particularly pleased with the shot below, including an example of an early 19th Century orange plastic bucket (!) - a perfect example of the thing you DIDN'T see when you took the shot! :rolleyes:


Anyway, they're there, and if they're helpful to anyone, then I'm glad. Any questions about where the shots were taken, let me know, and I'll attempt to answer them.





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Thank you for those, Rob.

I am part of a small group of volunteers involved in building a model of the Victory in our local library.  The model belongs to one of the employees there, whose father has passed away before he could complete the model, wo we are offering some of our time to complete this build.  Those pictures will be put to very good use, I am sure.



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Thank you so much for posting these photos. While I am not building the Victory right now (or probably ever) I am building the model shipways naval gun display and scratch building the carriage. Yours are some of the best detailed pictures of the 12 pndr carriage I have been able to find. Also the pictures detailing the on deck stowage of round shot are very helpful as I am adding this detail as part of my kit bashing.


Thanks for sharing and best regards,

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Sadly not... and I live on the wrong side of the country. But you can be sure that if I find myself in Greenwich Cutty Sark will have lots of photos taken as well. I only have a couple as it stands but they do show what her coppering looks like in real life quite nicely.... (and my lovely wife giving an idea of scale)


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