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New hobby?


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Hi there all. Im new to this world of building modelships. I once tried to start the on the Cutty Sark (20 years ago) but never got it finished. To young and to many other things to try.

No asking this time, but wanted to say hello, and thanking you for letting me read about, and look at builds and pick up some hints and tricks.  Post edited.  

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Dont want a bad start.
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I would suggest you buy a kit from a manufacturer that is known for good instructions and prints the Chinese ripoff’s are neither good quality nor good instructions, and they steal the product from good legitimate company’s. Look at some of our sponsors they have great kits available with quality and ease of instructions and I have seen first hand they back there products. Do yourself a favor and trash that kit or send it back.


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Welcome. Some kits manufacturers seems to have cut down in cost accept for the top of the range like Caldercraft  or Amati. My experience is only based with two models both from Artesania Latina. The model made made in Spain was OK, however their Elite series model made in Hong Kong the quality was substandard. The drawings contradict the instructions and the quality control is shocking!! Some parts are over supplied  while other parts are under supplied.    

AL  response is good, although it takes 3/6 weeks to receive parts. 

Good hunting!!




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