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Bluenose by DBorgens - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 1:64 first build

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Dave I can't wait to see your progress at the meeting next week. Also for the deadeyes I took 2 pieces of wire and twisted them together in the middle. then I bent all 4 ends and inserted them into a hole in a deadeye. Roughly what you did but by using 2 wires and 4 ends it didn't twist.

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Your Bluenose detail looks so clean and well done.  I have just started viewing you building log today. 

The metal work is inspiring.  I'm building the We're Here by Bluejacket. It is kind of a 1/8 scale version

of the Bluenose.  As of today I am starting to do the metal work on the spars. 

Please keep up your fine work


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Floyd, brunging her tomorrow. Thanks for the tip, I'll file it for future use (far future at my pace).


Jan, thank you. I enjoyed making the fittings, it is good to see things come together. For metal work, check out Bob Hermann's Bluenose. He is a wizard and happy to help. I would love to see a picture of your ship.


Dave B

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Your Bluenose build progress looks great. It is good to see the deadeyes, the shrouds, and the rat lines going up - all vey very nice. I also like those sails very much. These schooners just look grand with a nice set of sails.





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After finishing ratlines (a few have come loose, trimmed too close) and have set the topsails. It was a bit tricky to seize the sails to the mast hoops in amongst the rigging but not too difficult. I keep bumping some of the stays and knocking them loose. Fortunately, I read a hint to leave the seizings untrimmed and set them later. It’s certainly easier to retighten stays than to cut them off and seize new ones.


Now I am on to the jibs and plan to sew the hanks onto the sails off the ship. This will mean replacing the stays but it seems easier then trying to sew them on the ship. So, when is the best time to set the sails? In hindsight, I would have set the jibs earlier and avoided some rework.  The ship are always a learning experience.


Topsails set.


Fore top



Main top



Dave B





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Jib hanks

My hanks are approximately 6” high by 4” wide or half the size shown on the plans, which appear too large to me. Specifically, they are .094” (2.4 mm) high by .068” (1.7 mm) wide. I used 30 gage copper wire (.010”, .25 mm) and formed the hook ends around two #77 (.018”, .46 mm) drills spaced .130” (3.3 mm) apart. After trimming the hooks I bent the hank around the smallest end of round nose pliers (.048”, 1.22 mm). I shaped these as shackles rather than planar as shown on the plans. Perhaps proving I am no sailor, but right wrong or indifferent, they look better.


Stitching hanks to jibs.

Lacking any guidance, I use a running stitch to sew the hanks to the jib. This works well for me and will work if the hanks are planar. I cut a thread twice the length of the hem and harden the free end with thin CA. This makes it easy to thread through the hank hooks and needle. I have to remove the needle twice for each hank since the hooks are smaller than my needles.


Start by locking the stitch and running the needle inside the sail hem to the point of the first (or next) hank. In this photo you can see the needle exiting the hem at the left divider point.



Remove the needle and thread the hank from the inside out to make the hank lie properly at the stitch.



Rethread the needle and stitch through the hem from immediately below the hank, (I learned later that stitching below the hank helps keep it normal to the hem) so the hank will lie upright.



Thread the other hook, again from the inside out.



Pull the thread tight and check the position of the hank. Now is the time to make corrections. Thread the needle and start a stitch (again below the hank)to proceed to the next hank.



Completed jib hanks.



Dave B



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I'd like to second all of the congratulatory comments on the completion of an absolutely beautiful model.  I recently posted a build log of my first endeavour in to this new hobby, which happens to be the same Model Shipways Bluenose.  I'm at quarter deck planking, and after seeing your fine work will definitely have to up my game!


I look forward to the photos Floyd has requested.



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